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Bristol 2011 - PGCE Secondary English

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Main83, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Main83

    Main83 New commenter


    Has anyone else who will be doing English at Bristol received the information via email today?! Pre course reading, primary experience, subject audit and first written assigment - already I am feeling overloaded!

    I'm very excited but also terrified!

  2. Main83

    Main83 New commenter

  3. Thought I'd drop a quick message as I'm currently doing the English PGCE at Bristol and wanted to give you some advice:

    - skim read the suggested reading, but don't kill yourself over it. It will be useful for future assignments but you don't need to know it off by heart.

    - do not worry about the primary school placement. The report is easy to pass, you don't have to teach, it is just about looking at what education your students will reach you with. Pick a local school, take an interest and write the report in a few hours with a few relevant examples of further reading.

    - ENJOY THE SUMMER! I let the reading hang over me, but what is important is that you relax as much as possible, because this will be an intense year.

    - You will not be working flat out from September. University days are long but stimulating, you teach relatively few hours on the first placement.

    - Keep up to date with your paperwork from day one (especially the QTS log and Subject Knowledge Audit).

    - Remember that the wider reading is used to develop your pedagogical knowledge, but it is your 'practical' skills as a teacher that are first and foremost. An inside out knowledge of language acquisition and educational theory is useless if you can't connect with the students.

    The very best of luck to you both - it's an amazing year! xx
  4. There are three tutors in charge of English, and you'll be formally observed three times throughout the year by one of them (though not necessarily the same one every time). To be honest, my opinion of them has changed over the year and everyone has one tutor who they respect/like/want to emulate more than others. But they all know their stuff, they're approachable, helpful, thought provoking (although sometimes idealistic - as they don't teach full time anymore!) and they want you to do well because they want to maintain the great reputation of the course :) xx
  5. Hi! I've recently been offered a place on the PGCE english course for sept 2011, so nice to see people are already talking about it on here. Thankyou for the advice!

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