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Bringing in ingredients for Food Technology

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by sazulike, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Hi Guy's,
    I'm currently studying for my PGCE and for my research project I'm looking into the cost to parents of their child studying Food Technology and whether this causes any problems. I would love to hear from you if you've had problems with parents not supplying ingredients for certain recipes, whether you buy ingredients in for some pupils and if you have provision for students that qualify for free school meals or anything you do in school to help parents out.

    Many Thanks[​IMG]
  2. Guy's??
  3. It's important to make things the students like and made with low cost ingredients. I have had a parent write to say they wouldn't buy ingredients because they don't eat salads! I gave them lots of choices. It was not as if I said "you must make .."
    We do pay for ingredients for GCSE students sometimes e.g. Catering if they won't need very much of it and not likely to use it again.e.g. chopping parsley for the garnish
    We do discuss what else you could make with the rest of the packet.
    Its always a problem for students who have chosen food as a GCSE subject and then can't afford ingredients. It has to be equal opportunities but sometimes I wish they wouldn't choose it because even when we buy them ingredients or they have some of mine they don't seem to want to take it home. By the time you realise they have not come back for it at the end of the day it has to be thrown out .
    Our students seem to have money for ingredients and we have to constantly remind them not to be wasteful. But I visited a school where half the group couldn't make flapjacks because they couldn't afford the golden syrup. Neither did they have scales at home so it was a very slow lesson as they tried to weigh out the ingredients.
  4. TC7


    We have a successful system I believe although things have got tighter recently. I expect all students to cook and they do thankfully, they all turned up with their ingredients when ofsted called and he was impressed. I think it is important that the food that goes home looks good and it is edible. We buy in basic ingredients from Asda and the students provide their flavouring,filling, other toppings etc For Y7,8, and some cooking in Y9 this works well. The students pay a set amount of money for the ingredients but similar to other replies we discuss lots of choices. GCSE is more difficult because it is their choice of recipe but again they can buy basic ingredients from us. We also have a selection of things like honey, cocoa powder, brown sugar, herbs, spices, tomato puree etc for them to 'borrow' if need be! I try and introduce new recipes and admit we only do a few meat dishes because of the expense. Many students do not seem to have cooking trays or a dish at home so we also provide foil dishes for those few, also plenty of foil, and plastic bags for taking things home. I will say the school I work in are very supportive with money and I run a special account but apparently it breaks even so I carry on with the system.

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