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Bringing Dog To Beijing

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by spanboy, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. spanboy

    spanboy Occasional commenter

    I need to look into this but thought it worth asking first if anyone has recently brought their dog into Beijing from abroad, and if so, how did you find it? She's a small dog so fits in with the 'within the 5th ring road size' rule. The actual transportation isn't a problem as Aeroflot will allow her in the cabin, it's the other stuff like quarantine etc...

    I've heard that if we bring her in through BJ she needs to be quarantined but if we bring her through another city she's exempt from this???

  2. Ms_Love_

    Ms_Love_ Occasional commenter

    GZ doesn't have a quarantine! I brought my cats from the UK to GZ and it was fine. The only problem that took a while was the endless paperwork at GZ airport, make sure you have the vet certificates and rabies certificates as well as your intended address in Chinese characters (which they will proceed to copy down at least 11 times before they let your pooch through!).
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  3. spanboy

    spanboy Occasional commenter

    Thanks - all her paperwork will be in Spanish; did you need to get yours translated into Chinese?
  4. Ms_Love_

    Ms_Love_ Occasional commenter

    Ours was in English but when you get to the airport they need your intended address for the dog in Chinese characters which your school HR team could give to you.
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  5. percy topliss

    percy topliss Established commenter

    I do not wish to put too much of a downer on things but when we lived in Shanghai most of the dogs we saw were in the markets being prepared for the pot and/or clothes making. Be careful that your pooch does not run away..

  6. c_turner12

    c_turner12 New commenter

    Hi spanboy,

    I would strongly advise against bringing your dog into China unless you absolutely have to (e.g. a suitable home cannot be found in your home country).

    The dog laws in Beijing are very strict (dog must be licensed, you must have license on you at all times - if the police check and you don't , they are legally allowed to take your dog away from you etc). Also, in Hangzhou recently, laws have been brought in to only allow dogs to be walked between 10pm and 6am. It is unlikely but also possible that this law could come to Beijing. Most people I know (myself included) are getting their animals out of China.

    In my opinion, China is not a good place to bring your animals unless you absolutely have to.

    Even on a pragmatic level, unless you live in Shunyi (outer suburbs near the airport) it is apartment living without a garden or much space. Also, walking in pollution is not fun.

    I would think really carefully about whether its worth it (e.g. will you be in Beijing for a long time?) before bringing them in. Also, you are not allowed to visit the dogs when they are in quarantine which in my opinion leads to some pretty suspicious ideas anyway.
  7. LCass

    LCass New commenter

    We brought our cat to Shanghai 1.5 years ago and he had to spend a week in quarantine. Not pleasant. However, I was just told two weeks ago that China is changing its pet import laws this April. This was in a conversation regarding cats but it might apply to dogs. Having a rabies certificate for which the blood was drawn three months prior to import will now allow you to skip quarantine. Definitely worth inquiring! Also, having that certificate and keeping it up to date will make leaving easier. We are moving back to the ME and need new certificates anyway, but for Europe the one for our older cat is still valid.
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