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Brighton!! Things to do and eat! (veg)

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Tara Jane, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Going to Brighton at end of September for a weekend (surprise for OH). I see there are LOADS of vegetarian restaurants which is perfect - as we are all veggie. For those of you which do you prefer and why? Any place or things to do that you would recommend for us with 2 children (11 and 9)
    many thnkas
  2. If you're on a budget - Bombay Aloo is an all you can eat Indian buffet - £4.95 - result! Frankly even if you're not on a budge it's good.
  3. Food for Friends is great, but a bit pricey. Lovely food though.

    Loads of things to do locally, if you've got a car I'd recommend Middle Farm for an afternoon. Wet weather - the sea life centre is pretty good.
  4. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    The Laines
  5. lapinrose

    lapinrose Lead commenter

  6. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I've been there twice with my vegan friend and it's bl00dy expensive! We did get a free bottle of wine though as they were so slow bringing our food....how can it take over an hour to prepare veggie dishes?! None of us had anything complicated. It was nice though, and the wine was lovely!
    There are cheaper places down the lanes, but I haven't been to any so i've no idea if they're any good.
  7. We had the same experience there. I think they are trading on the rep and, to be frank, I can't imagine why. There's a veggie place called Whykickamoocow in the Lanes which is worth a look.
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    You mustn't miss the Pavilion! And the pier is such fun especially with those wonderful push machines in the arcade where you roll 2ps in and they stack up and fall over the edge and gush out when you topple a pile. Memories of my childhood. I like the Aquarium too.
  9. If you fancy the beach, there is a hidden ( sort of) secret one. The main one can be busy and full of daytrippers. I think it is signposted now, but didn't used to be. Go along the front for a mile or so (maybe 2) towards Peacehaven.Pass the Marina- Thre's a roundabout, with St Dunstan's set back. ( turning up to Ovingdean.) Park up. There is an underpass under the roundabout, then you walk down loads of steps. There is a little cafe and it's really nice and quiet. i used to have a beach hut down there. Mind you, this was many many years ago.
    If you have time, Drusilla's is about ? 30 min drive away.Small animal park, with great play park . Also, we used to go to a farm in Ditchling. There's a interactive science place at Herstmonceux.
  10. lapinrose

    lapinrose Lead commenter

    Drusilla's is just past Alfriston, again a nice place to visit, especially the Steamer Trading shop. Newhaven is good as well, visit the Fort or have lunch at the pub at the end of the Quay.

    That's not even Brighton, that's Saltdean!!
  11. No, saltdean is further up- This is before Rottingdean.
  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I have never managed to see a single animal there!
  13. lapinrose

    lapinrose Lead commenter

    Past the Marina then?
  14. Re parking, it can get absolutely rammed on even a half decent weekend day at any of the car parks along the seafront, but there's one in the North Laines which all the tourists (though I suppose living 25 miles into the countryside hardly classes us as 'locals'!) seem to miss, and it's marginally cheaper too. You also get a lovely walk through the North Laines to get into town.
    There's a fantastic tapas restaurant in the Laines which has a fair few veggie/seafood dishes (sorry, I'm woefully uninformed about the veggie stance on fish etc) and is wonderfully authentic. I think it's just off Duke Street, near all the little jewellers - Casa don Carlos.
    If you fancy a drive out, there's a llama farm just outside of Glynde (on the Ringmer/Lewes side) which is always a hit with kids - do stop at the side of the road and see if you can spot the one camel which has lived amongst the llamas ever since my OH can remember - and he's a Sussex village boy, born and bred! You can have some nice walks on the downs from there, too.
  15. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I always used to park there. I get the train there now...much easier and free for me because of my husband's job [​IMG]
    I've been meaning to take my son to Drusilla's as he's 2 now, i think he'd appreciate it.
  16. Yes- pass the Marina, Roedean school was/is up on the left-you come to a roundabout (Greenways up to Ovindean goes off to the Left. St Dunstan's is also to the left. Go under the roundabout- down a lot of steps to Ovingdean beach. It's ??? half a mile or so before Rottingdean. Zoom in enough and it is on google maps.

  17. annie2010

    annie2010 Occasional commenter

    I love Brighton- my daughter's at Uni. there, so it's a great excuse for regular visits.
    It's also very veggie friendly- I'm spoiled for choice. There's even a shop in the Lanes that sells vegetarian shoes!
  18. thank you every one for such brilliant replies (and keep them coming!!) - I am even more excited now! Anyone want to sponsor me for how much weight I can gain in a weekend?!!!
  19. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I tried them and they tasted horrible.
  20. HAAHaahaa!! [​IMG] Will never be able to walk past that shop without laughing now!

    Casa Don Carlos is lovely - but you will have to book, particularly at the weekend as it's very popular. The north lanes have lots of little veggie cafes which are all nice. To be honest, you'll be spoiled for choice. If you're just after snacky type things, there's a nice cafe called Hennys in Brighton Square by the little dolphin fountain which does really nice sarnies. Brighton museum does a very nice cream tea, but is expensive and always busy. You can't really walk more than a few feet without falling over some veggie friendly eaterie here though.


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