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Brighton PGCE 3-7/5-11

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Possible_Teacher, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Hey,

    Anyone out there who had an interview at Brighton last Tuesday (22nd)? I'm getting tired of checking for a rejection on Track so thought I'd come on here and find people in same boat!
  2. Hey,

    Anyone out there who had an interview at Brighton last Tuesday (22nd)? I'm getting tired of checking for a rejection on Track so thought I'd come on here and find people in same boat!
  3. Yes, I'm pretty sure they said two weeks if a no but I'm not sure if they were involved in strike so this may delay it slightly. Also one girl said she was rejected last year and didn't find out till end of december! Not sure if she was on first interview last year though.
  4. Ah OK. Well if I hear anything back I shall let you know!!! Good luck!!
  5. Has anyone heard back from their interviews yet? Do you know if anyone has been rejected?
  6. I haven't heard anything yet. I'm not in contact with others from interview so not sure if anyone has heard. I emailed TDA yesterday about allocations and they replied with this: "We are expecting the allocations to go out within the next couple of days, subject to a few final revisions."

    So hopefully we may find out soon but who knows! I just want to know now, even more so if it's bad news so I may have a chance of getting a place at second choice.
  7. Anyone heard anything????
  8. Nope! Apparently places have their allocations now so I guess we may hear before christmas.
  9. Anyone had any news? Guess we won't hear till after Christmas now :-(
  10. I just got interview letter from University of Brighton on January 10. any1 got t same day?
  11. Nope, still nothing.....
  12. Hello, I just found out I have a conditional offer from Brighton! I phoned them as I couldn't wait any longer! Then said that they had sent the offers back to GTTR just before xmas but apparently there is a back log because of all the UCAS applications. Possible Teacher and any others waiting longer than I have- good news, they said to me that if I was unsuccessful I would have definately heard by now! So this must be extreemly positive for you! Good luck :)
  13. Just got an unconditional offer! Woop! So happy. Congratz bluetopaz, see you there!
  14. Yay its all official through GTTR now! How exciting! Well done, I knew you must of had it! Will be meeting you in sept! Are you doing 5-11 or 3-7?
  15. I'm doing 3-7. Can't wait till September now. Looking forward to having a restful sleep tonight too!
  16. There are quite a few interviewers so they may differ slightly but I wasn't asked anything about policies as such but If it's the 3-7 interview read up on EYFS and 5-11 the National curriculum. I was also given a school based what would you do if? So read up on behaviour management. A lot of the interview was about my experience which was good as it's something - know about! Just be confident and believe in yourself and it'll come across. Good luck!
  17. I was asked the "Why do you want to teach?" question, right at the start of the interview. I found that as I answered questions my thoughts lead to many different ideas and examples. Some questions were general and some were more specific, but try where possible to relate to personal experience. I definately had some tough ones but its not necessarily about if your right or wrong, they want to see how you conduct yourself and interact with them. Yes your right possible teacher, be confident and allow your enthusiam and excitment for working with children shine through during that interview. And don't forget to smile......:)
  18. A little update - I have just received an unconditional offer! I'm so happy I can't stop smiling. Thanks for your help and advice and if anyone is going to be at Hastings in September I'll see you there :)
  19. Fantastic! Well done!
  20. Has everyone received their pre course information today? The tasks look very doable which I'm relieved about! Just having a look at the reading list on Amazon now, seems a few books can be bought used which is slightly cheaper. Starting to get very nervous!

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