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Brian Boyd, The Learning Journey

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by CanuckGrrl, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]
  2. If you think this discussion is boring, you should read the maths guys over on the "s=d/t" thread. Whoof!
  3. Had a quick look, and I thought it was really interesti.... [​IMG]
  4. cobalt54

    cobalt54 New commenter

    I completely disagree,
    In fact I think you may be Brian Boyd!
    Back in the1960s English teachers formed associations at local levels to develop the teaching of English; There was no career structure, as we now understand it at that time, so the motivation was totally altruistic. These were well-intentioned English teachers trying to refine the skill of teaching the subject. They did a good job in my opinion; I was taught by one of them, a fearless Cambridge graduate with a steely mind and, once you got to know her, a good heart. Compassionate but ruthless might be a reasonable description.
    What McMullet and Morrisseyritual have offered here is something of the same; an honest attempt to marry the best of the past and the present in what we teach. The way forward is for the internet to allow this to happen more easily. No snobbery please, so yes, why not Matt McGinn, a former English teacher himself. Without McGinn there would have been no Billy Connelly. And lets keep McCaig and Morgan and Jenkins, but if I am out- argued then, yes, I might concede the case. Every good English teacher should be a failed/undiscovered novelist otherwise what the hell are they doing teaching my kids? I dont want tickie boxie from Jordanhill or Moray House, I want someone who can thelp teach my children how to live.
    The reason I abhor the likes of Boyd is that he sets himself up as some sort of Priest of the Inner temple who knows what is best for the rest of us. I am happy to learn from teachers who are on a full timetable and presenting students for national examination: and I hope they are at least prepared to listen to me. I am not prepared to listen to a guy who sold out years ago.

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