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Brexit, a view from España... (video en español)

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by Jeremyinspain, Jul 3, 2016.


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  1. Jeremyinspain

    Jeremyinspain Occasional commenter

  2. BrightonEarly

    BrightonEarly Occasional commenter

    Can anyone summarise this in English please? My languages are German and French - it's not that I'm an English person who thinks it's a waste of time to learn a language. I'd really like to know his views!
  3. Jeremyinspain

    Jeremyinspain Occasional commenter

    Essentially he's against Brexit. Feels the arguments for leave are to do with emotions, especially immigration. The stay arguments are with the reason, especially economic and anti-immigration.
    He thinks there'll be grave consequences for Europe if UK leaves, he fears disintegration.
    Thinks UK has a 'special deal' in Europe with no euro or Shengen and says lots of Brits feel they're 'too good' to be in 'the club'.
    He regrets the fact that the young wouldn't have the opportunities to study in Europe as he had.
    He'd feel ashamed if UK voted out, he'd explore the possibility of becomming Spanish (through his grandmother) or Scottish (through his father).
    BrightonEarly likes this.
  4. Jeremyinspain

    Jeremyinspain Occasional commenter

    Sorry you felt 'left out' of this. I post mainly for teachers of Spanish and always assume that their Spanish will be better than mine. (If I've made any schoolboy errors, do feel free to correct them ;))
  5. BrightonEarly

    BrightonEarly Occasional commenter

    Thanks for the summary @Jeremyinspain and the time you put into the translation on my behalf. John Carlin made a lot of valid points.

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