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Breech Baby

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by seriouslikecrazy, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. My baby was breech about 35 weeks.The night before my scan appointment is when I believe S/he moved. My baby is nice and quiet after about 10pm and has never kept me awake kicking etc but this night it woke myself and OH up and the movements felt really weird. Nothing I'd felt before.
    I did try and get baby to move by doing the shining light on the tummy thing, sound low down on the tummy, laying with my head down and bum up, legs up on sofa etc. Google and you will find more information.
    Some babies turn some don't. My midwifes turned the day before her c/s so you are not too late.
    Good luck :)
  2. Baby could still turn, get scrubbing the floors on your hands and knees! Some hospitals will let you try for a breech delivery but it depends on how roomy your pelvis is and most prefer a C section for peace of mind.
    I met a lady at the hospital tour the other week who had been in to try and have her baby turned. The baby didn't turn in the end and his heart rate hadn't dropped after the procedure so she ended up having a C section that night.
    I too am terrified of having a C section (I have never been in hospital for anything before) but whatever is best for baby.....
  3. Maybe try acupuncture? Also it is possible to have VB for breech birth I'm not sure I am hardcore enough but if you are very anti CS then it may be worth doing a bit of research and at least discussing with consultant.
  4. Red wine fan

    Red wine fan New commenter

    DD1 was breech at 36 weeks and I was told to do the scrubbing the floor things. I'm a music teacher and was still playing my double bass. I was asked to play a concert 250 miles away [where I used to live & very close to my dad] and during the concert, the baby actually turned around. The bass rested on the top of the bump and she obviously didn't like either the vibration, my tuning or the music on her head and wisely flipped over. I know it sounds daft, but do you know anyone with a bass or something similar that could give you a lesson? The child suffered no ill-effects and is rather an accomplished musician some 12+ years later ;-)
  5. I am having exactly the same situation. Baby was 'head down' since about 28 weeks, but found out last week (37 week appointment) that he/she had turned breech.
    Went for ECV the following day, which was an experience I was willing to try, but nevertheless unsuccessful. It was quite painful tbh, as my baby had settled its bottom in the pelvis, which meant they had to lift it upwards and try to turn it at the same time. The consultant said its one of those things where it will either turn easily or not, but in my case it was not turning. Baby was distressed at times, which was the worst thing, and made me make the decision to stop the procedure after about 5 minutes.
    Now booked for an elective c section in a couple of week. Still a chance baby could move, but going to go ahead with the c section plan and if anything changes in the meantime then will have to adapt the plan (again) :-0
    After seeing the heart rate going up and down from the turning, I want to make sure my baby is as safe as possible, and if hospital say caesarean is best option, thats what it will have to be!! Much rather that than try to deliver for 48 hrs and then have one anyway to be honest.
    Good luck with it all, not long til baby is here, irresepctive of its mode of arrival - excting times!!
  6. My baby turned at 37+1 so my mw sent me for a scan at 38 weeks to confirm and I was given 3 options. ECV, elective section or breech delivery although the natural delivery was ignored by the mw's and not really pushed as an option. I opted to try the ecv and was told it was 50:50 and actually the mw said it rarely worked. The consultant came down, scanned again then injected me with a muscle relaxant, tipped me back and pushed the baby round. It was pretty strange and a litle uncomfortable but it worked first time.I was a little shakey after but ok. I cancelled the section booked for 5 days later and had a natural birth at 39+5. My daughtersuffered no ill effects. The mw at delivery said she would have been happy to do a breech delivery and was a bit annoyed it hadn't been offered really.
    Hope this helps
  7. Hi,
    Thank you for your replies. I've been doing lots to try to get him to move, all fours, sitting on a ball etc! Got scan tomorrow to confirm if he's breech so will take it from there. My midwife has told me that they won't let me deliver him breech so would have to have a section.
    I agree that as long as he gets here safely I shouldn't get too hung up on how!
  8. blueone

    blueone New commenter

    I think you are right to try not to worry too much about how the baby gets here. I mean I know you were expecting one thing (ie a natural birth) and now are facing another (ie a c section), but that could happen to you even if the baby was not breech and you went through hours of labour only to end up having a c section anyway! My baby was breech too, however, we didnt discover this until I was in labour and had to have an emergency c section! I had been in labour for 3 days (slow labour at home) and I went in for a scan because I was overdue and we found out there that he was breech. I had to go up to delivery suite straight away as I was already 7cm dialated. They gave me the option there of a breech delivery or a c section but i opted for the c section, mainy due to the fact that i was exhausted and also I didnt wanted to deliver the baby breech, that was personal choice. I recovered really quickly after the c section and had no problems after it. I did feel a little left out in my mummy and baby groups when they were discussing the ins and outs of natural birth, but i didnt feel guilty or anything. I just wondered what it felt like. The way i saw it was that in my mind it was the best thing to do for me and the baby and also I had an interesting story to tell!! 14 months later I dont even think about it. It doesnt matter now. Hes healthy and happy and mine anyway reguardless of how he got here.
    Good Luck whatever happends xx
  9. chicabonita

    chicabonita New commenter

    Hello! I had an ECV which was successful and stayed successful. It's very uncomfortable and can bring on labour, but don't panic- it'll probably be fine! Mine was late, too- as late as it could be done. I hope yours goes fine x
  10. Hiya! I have mine tomorrow so fingers crossed it will be successful, not looking forward to it though! x

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