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Breech baby @ 34 weeks

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by mad76, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    i have just been for my 34 week app. to be told by the midwife the baby is breech. She then sent me to the hospital, where they did a scan, and confirmed this. They said i had to go back in 2 weeks for another check, and then to discuss options.
    This is a much wanted, unexpected pregnancy, after almost 10 years trying ! i am now really really anxious about what will happen. Does anyone have any experience of this???

    (v.worried) Mad76
  2. I have no personal experience, so cannot offer any practical advice from an experienced standpoint. 2 things came to mind reading your post, though... one is that I've just completed a hypnobirthing course and they say that they have a lot of success of turning breech babies. (Through relaxation, positioning, visualisation, fear release etc). I have no idea whether or not this is really realiable but there is logic to the hypnobirthing stuff so may be worth a look. Assuming you're already doing all the bits with sitting on different chairs / birthing balls / all fours / not sitting on sofas etc.
    The second thing is to not be too anxious - I know it is easy for me to say as I am not in your situation. 34 weeks is relatively early - it has lots of time to turn still. Also there are lots of successful natural breech births (it may not be standard practice to go for natural birth for breech, but some midwives and consultants are experienced in breech births and so it can still be an option). And lastly, if it does end up with the decision to elect to have a c-section then it will be carried out in a planned, calm manner and mean you miss out on one part of the experience....... but you will still have your beautiful baby after waiting for them for so so long. The birth is one part of your whole lifetime together and doesn't need to dictate how the rest of it goes.
    Good luck... x
  3. Try not to worry like beachhut says, you will have your baby and they will know what is best for you.
    I fininshed work at 37+4 and went for final mw appt only to be told "I think you are breech". I went for a scan at 38 to confirm and was given 3 options. Elective c section, ecv or breech birth. To be honest the breech birth option was not discussed really and I was told I could try ecv if I wanted but they would provisionally book me for a section 6 days later. I went back in the next day to try the ecv. The stats said 50/50, the mw said it was much less in her experience. The consultant gave me a muscle relaxant, scanned me, tipped me back and went to work. It was an odd and uncomfortable sensation but not very sore. Within 2 mins she had moved my baby the right way round and it was all over. I was amazed, the c section was cancelled and I went on to have my baby by normal delivery at 39+5 (She is 1 today!!).
    Interestingly during my labour my mw wa quite disappointed I hadn't been offered/emcouraged to have a breech birth as she said she would have been hapoy to do it.
    You still have time to turn, and try not to be anxious. They will find a way for you to have your baby safely. xx
  4. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    I've just had my baby normally but was on a ward with 4 ladies who came in with breech babies in their bellies. I saw them go for their scan and c sections in a very calm lovely manner and come back shortly after with big smiles and beautiful babies. Didn't look daunting at all. X
  5. I just had my breech baby by elective c-section two weeks ago amd although I was disappointed initially, I became relieved & thankful that they had actually found out beforehand so I didn't have to go through hours of labour to them be told, "oooh, its a bottom" and have to have emergency section. My son was 10lbs 10oz and I don't think a breech birth would have been an option. In fact, I have often thought that if it had been years ago we might have been an unfortunate statistic.
    Anyway, at my 37week scan they said ecv wasn't an option really as he was very big, little fluid to turn in and placenta/cord in an awkward position. The elective c-section was very surreal but calm and everyone was lovely, it didn't feel cold and clinical as I'd feared. Also, as it is planned, they can take their time during the op and so it means a neater, gentler job with a better recovery for mum. I have felt almost back to normal since last week which really surprised me.
    The other thing you could try is something called moxibustion which is an acupuncture technique that supposedly has good results. Personally, I'd start all the upside down positions and any intervention asap while your baby is still a bit smaller as by 37weeks my lo had no room to manouver.
    Breech birth didn't seem favoured and it depends if there is a mw/consultant who is happy to deliver a breech baby when you go into labour and turn up at the hospital. I was led to believe (maybe just certain cases like me with v.big baby) that if I tried to give birth breech, it would probably end up in intervention anyway so did I want to take the chance that it would end up like that or go for the planned option? We chose the latter but whatever you and your oh decide, the important thing is a safe & healthy mummy and baby not how baby gets there; you will have years of happy motherhood as opposed to one day of the actual birth.
    Good luck x
  6. d2148j

    d2148j New commenter

    At 34 weeks still plenty of time for baby to move. Also just because it is breech does not mean you can't have a vaginal birth and that you must have a c-sec. If they tell you that you have to, they are lying.
  7. They don't even start telling you what's pointing what way in my doctors surgery until 35 weeks!
  8. thank you all for your replies. i am calmer now, and trying to be more rational ! i am hoping baby will turn by itself in the next few weeks, i know that this does often happen in the last month.
    Trying so hard not to worry, but after going through so much to get to this point i just can't seem to relax. I know this sounds mad, but i just can't seem to cope with the fact that i have actually got this far in the pregnancy (as i mentioned before we've been unsucessful for almost 10 yrs, and wre actually resigned to the fact that we were not going to be parents)

    anyway, thanks again, will try not to worry
  9. Mine was breech at 34 weeks but she turned by 37 weeks. There are some very good pregnancy yoga positions that can help and helped my LO turn. Putting cold things on your stomach near their head can also help as they move their head away from the cold - worked for a friend of mine.

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