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Brecht workshop for A-Level

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Farley, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. I would so much like to see those workshops. Am the only one teaching drama in the school and could really do with some input.


  2. hey gogo.....I've forwarded the brecht stuff to you which farley sent to me.
  3. AGH GOGO the e-mails have been sent back.....the address you put does not work. E-mail me @ Tmessy@hotmail.com and I'll forward the e-mails farley sent me onto you!
  4. HAHA ok all done now gogo.....the last e-mail address was wrong you put gogo@going blah blah@ which doesn't make sense so scrolled up and found the correct e-mail. Oh BTW I didn't put a title on the email as i forgot as there were problems sending you files....my laptop almost crashed.....as I said in mail TPTB DID have problems with me sending it you lol
  5. Could anyone send me the SOW? I am just about to come back to teaching and need some inspriation.
    email is beetrootbeetroot at hotmail dot co dot uk
    Thank you in advance.
  6. Hey Carnation,
    All sent out to you!
  7. sasbme

    sasbme New commenter


    I have a intro lesson to Brecht for KS4 on Powerpoint if anyone wants it.

    E-mail me at mailsal@yahoo.com
  8. sasbme

    sasbme New commenter

    Actually I will put it on resources as well ...
  9. Hi there, I would love a copy of this scheme of work if possible. Im teaching Brecht at the moment but have been struggling for activities so far.

    If you could email me a copy that would be great,


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