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Brecht workshop for A-Level

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Farley, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. i apologise for being a bit stupid and not leaving my email, sorry and thanks if you can arrange it thank you!

  2. I've just discovered this forum...Am desperately hoping that I, too, could be sent the Brecht SOW.. I applied for a job as an English teacher, and my timetable features Years 10 - 13 Drama! Have no idea at all what I'm doing. Two of my departmental colleagues have already resigned this year... I will be teaching Chalk Circle at AS. Have just limped through Hedda Gabler. Am trying not to think too hard about Trojan Women. Brecht is my top priority at the moment. Any Brechtian help greatly appreciated, needless to say.

  3. Not to sound like I'm jumping on the band wagon, but if anyone is still emailing out stuff on Brecht, my placement department and I would be very, very, very grateful.
    Thank You x
  4. gillwin/rentonave

    I am a an associate teacher (pgce) of Drama. I have been asked to come up with nine schemes of work over the half term and am paniking!!! ive managed to do 5 of them so im on the right track but ive only been in the school for three weeks!!! mad or what!
    Anyway, I have to do a scheme of work on Brecht with year 12/13 so I wondered if you would mind emailing me your Brecht schemes/games/exercises etc. Anything would bge helpful and greatly appreciated.

  5. Okay, I've just discovered the forum too, and if any fellow kind drama teacher feels like passing the Brecht unit on to me I'd really appreciate it!


  6. oh god, for fear of jumping on the band wagon...
    Purlease! ?


    Would love the brecht stuff too! Thanx xxx
  7. So many people on the bandwagon...can I join. Any notes you have on Brecht would be sooooooooooo helpful.


  8. I would LOVE to also receive a copy of any workshops and/or programs for teaching Brecht.
    Please send to:
    Thank you very much in advance!!!!
  9. This is an EXCELLENT site on teaching Brecht. It's an Australian site (NSW) but has relevant information on it.


    Please, anyone with Brecht info, especially on Caucasian Chalk Circle, please, please send my way... (look at previous posting...%)
  10. is there space on this here wagon for one more? i'd be really greatful too if you could forward a copy of the S.O.W to me too. thanks so much.
  11. Hi

    I would really appreciate help with teaching Brecht at KS5. Any ideas, especially those connected to 'Chalk Circle' welcome at


    Many thanks, ST
  12. Hi rentonave and gilwin,
    I'm teaching Brecht next term, any chance i could have a look at those schemes of work too? email: a.sands@wlc.ac.uk
    Thanks v. much
  13. Hi all,

    Im sorry to jump on the Brecht band wagon, but would love a peek at any Brecht SoW's; im putting together a yr 9 SoW on him and any exercises would be great! I want to make it as easy and accessible and as practical as possible. I am more than happy to send the KS3 SoW when completed!

    Many Thanks,


  14. Hi. I've just been browsing and came across this site. I'm an associate teacher and will be focusing more on GCSE and A Level on my next placement and was wondering if someone would be kind enough to forward the brecht SOW to me as I am already terrified of teaching KS4 and KS5.
    My e-mail address is: Tmessy@hotmail.com
    I would be forever grateful.
  15. I would really appreciate getting this scheme of work for Caucasian Chalk Circle.
  16. I think people have given up on emailing this SOW lol....if anyone reads this who has it PLEASE can I have it?
    Thank youuuuuuu!
  17. To Rentonave

    If you could send me your exercises on Caucasian Chalk Circle, I would be extremely grateful. I am out of my depth!

    Thank you in advance...

  18. On the same PGCE course as Terry Maloney and also very scared about teaching KS4 and 5! Would really appreciate it if i could recieve any SOW on Brecht to try and prepare for my next placement! Thanks
  19. Hi there,

    I originally started off this thread and I've still got the Schemes of Work that were sent to me, so I'd better take responsibility for all these posts! Not sure which of you have received them or not, but if anyone wants them, please email me on rachiepoos@go.com. I'd be happy to help.


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