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Breast to bottle

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Cuthbirt, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. I really need some advice!

    I have 5 month old twin boys. Both twins were exclusively breast fed for 6 weeks then I started giving them a bottle of expressed breast milk at 10pm. Twin two took to it fine and has progressed to formula at this time and then half and half feeds at other times of the day. My problem is with twin one. He drank from the Avent bottle for 3 weeks, then refused. Since then I have tried him with two other makes of bottles and all have the same affect - howling, head twisting, refusing to suck. He was a tricky feeder from day one and I was unable to breast feed them together due to having to concentrate solely on twin two in order for him to feed. I am now at the stage of needing to get on with everything else and need to find a way of him drinking from something else. Has anyone found a magic bottle or method of getting tricky feeders to drink from a bottle or should I just try him on some sort of sippy cup, if so which one?

  2. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    I use the tommee tippee closer to nature bottles with my LO (9 weeks)- have formula fed vrom day 4 with no problems. The shape is meant to be close to the breast shape so might be worth a try?
    Big respect coping with twins! x
  3. after my LO decided not to take a bottle afterall (despite having a bottle a day for months!) I gave her drinks from a doidy cup. She still spills some and spits mouthfuls out, but at least she has some. Once she got the hang of that she started having a tomee tippee cup that has a lid and that makes slightly less mess but she takes less from it.
    I got my doidy cup from a surestart centre but you can get them from the NCT too.
    You've done sooooo well breast feeding with twins x x x x
  4. You could try him with a Doidy cup.

  5. oops someone else got there first with the same idea [​IMG]
  6. Yes - the Doidy cup is fab. Also the Dr Browns beaker (get them on ebay new for about £5) was a hit with my two bottle-refusers!
    Good luck!
  7. I never even tried a bottle for my little one because I used to go to boots and get so confused by the huge choice I couldn't make my mind up and used to walk out with nothing! I found the doidy cup worked to teach her how to drink at about 5 months, but quickly moved onto the cheapest non-valve sippy cup (after trying all sorts of others). Less mess and she could be more independent than my having to watch her every move with the open cup.

    Have fun with weaning and total respect for breast feeding twins!
  8. My LO took boob and bottle happily until 4 months then refused bottle ever since (although will take it happily at Nursery from his carer!!!) He has continued to refuse since then and he's now 14 months and i'm still feeding him! It was easier once I changed to cows milk which I did at 8 months together with vitamin drops to suppliment it. He will use a Tommee Tippee cup (cheapest one) and will sip from it then put the lid on, take it off and sip again.....time consuming but it worked! Its frustrating and hell when they have loads of teeth......hope you have a better time than me!! xx
  9. Thank you all for the support and advice.

    We're trying Tommee Tippee at the moment to no success. He found it difficult to latch onto me so I'm not too surprised he finds the bottle daunting. I'm going to give him one last go then abandon thoughts of bottles and try him on a sippy cup in a few weeks time once I start weaning them. He may not take a bottle but he does sleep 8 hours in the night, which twin one does not do. Swings and roundabouts I suppose. Both are happy, giggly and great fun, I am very lucky as it could have been so much worse.

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