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breast feeding and expressed milk

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by starcommand, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. Is it possible to combine breast feeding with the occasional expressed bottle of milk? I'd like my OH to have the chance to feed and if for example they were left with a family member they would be able to feed. The midwife says you should feed from a cup or spoon but I don't know whether people would be comfortable doing that.
    Any experiences?
  2. Moose fairy
    I don't know what others have experienced with midwives but feeding from a spoon to a LO/newborn sounds crazy! Yes you can combine BF and EBM. My LO is 8wks now but there were times esp in Wks 2-3 when I was an emotional wreck and needed sleep. I went to bed at about 8pm and OH did the 10pm feed with EBM. You will hear people talking about nipple confusion between a bottle and going back to the breast and maybe we were lucky but we had no problems at all. In fact I was in so much pain in Wks2-4 with sore, cracked and bleeding nipples which later turned out to be thrush (and then mastitis in Wk 6!) that all I did was express milk for about 3-4 days at a time and feed LO that way. It was a bit of a ball ache with the expressing but when she finally went back to the boob, it was fine.
    We used the Avent bottles for feeding and they seem to be fine; they're anti-colic I believe although I am sure there are others that claim this too and are perhaps as good.
    It is certainly nice for OH to be able to play a part in feeding. Also the in-laws insisted on baby sitting one night last week and we went out to the cinema (although I fell asleep for the first 20mins!!!!) and left a bottle of EBM for them.
    Also, we have a friend whose baby was in hospital for her first 3weeks and had boob in the day and EBM at night time when mummy had to go back home and could not stay overnight. LO never had any problems feeding from the boob either.
    Anyway, that's our experience. I would say that there is nothing wrong with what you ask at all.
    Good Luck
    pogo x
  3. I combine all of the time! although hadn't been able to express enough for a full feed until recently. means OH can be involved. much better for us and gives my nipples a break if he has been cluster feeding.
    He has no problems switching from boob to bottle at all - we did tried it at about 2 weeks (I found out later that you shouldn't before 6 weeks! nipple confusion)but for us it was a load of rubbish - no problems at all.
    Another one of my friends had to leave a bottle of EBM for her MIL to give because she had to go to a funeral when LO was a week old - absolutely fine- no problems.
    Do what works for you
  4. oh and feeding from a cup is a big pain!!! I wouldn't use a spoon at all - LO had to be fed from a cup for 2 days (born unable to suck - prem) I refused to give it to him - he choked constantly! - midwives did it until he was able to latch on.

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