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Breast cysts, discharge, a worried sibling, please help!

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by casper, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. casper

    casper New commenter

    Everything has to be checked out. If there is a problem the sooner someting is doine about it the better.. if there is not a problem then reassurance is needed. I have had Breast Cancer and have come through it. It is horrid,,but treatment these days is excllent. Telling you not to worry will not stop you worrying I know. I hope all is well and that your sister is seen soon. take care
  2. Yes I had a problem with this sort of thing years ago and was referred. The consultant told me that the presence of blood was nearly always down to an abscess. My discharge was a greeny colour and again he said it was a cyst that had popped. Yes blood can be cancer and that is why your sister is being checked but with her history I bet it is an abscess or cyst that has popped. Please try not to worry and don't google please
  3. Thanks for the updates ladies. I'm so scared. She said that discharge stained her bra and had some blood in it. She has had cysts removed before+my mum has had cysts at same age. GP said he would refer her quickly. I'm about to start IVF this month so feeling stressed already so think I'm jumping to all conclusions. Just please let her be OK.
  4. Any other stories to give me some positive vibes? X
  5. As other people have said- it sounds like something else, an infection or summat. Since having breast cancer (a boring, very treatable type) I've met many women who've also had it -never met one with bleeding. Always quiet lumps,maybe slight skin puckering, nothing else.
    I*'m not surprised the doctor said it would be checked out promptly -if it's an infection, she wouldn't want that sitting around deep in skin tissue untreated!!! And she might well need a scan to check just how deepseated that is, and if it needs a minor op to clear it. Think of tooth abcesses -popping an antibiotic pill course doesn't work longterm for that...
    You'll no doubt be worried that the doctor said it would be seen 'quickly'...
    But that will be simply that hospitals are all set up to routinely check large numbers of over-50's women every 3years, and post-op patients obviously a lot more regularly. So the dedicated scanning equipment/treatment rooms/trained staff are already dealing with large numbers of women, and a few GP referrals for various breast ailments aren't going to make any difference.
    Hope she gets a definite assurance asap. Not nice, all the uncertainty. But I'd say again, like the others who've already replied, it doesn't sound like any sort of breast cancer I've personally come across.

  6. Thabks for all the reassurances. Still no news from hospital. I feel a bit calmer now but worried. I'll keep you posted. I've got lots going on myself so I think my brain is struggling to take it all in.
  7. Just to let you all know that they are cysts. She had biopsy and results all OK. Thanks for your guidance! A relieved sister.
  8. Yay that is good news

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