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Breaking Up and Starting Back dates

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tammyround, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. tammyround

    tammyround New commenter

    I was speaking to my mother in my home town and she was bewildered as to why I was still at school. My mother lives in Carmarthenshire and the schools there broke up last Friday.
    So I decided to compare our break up and start back time - and now wish I hadn't.
    Birmingham Schools Break up = 22nd July
    Carmarthenshire Break up = 15th July
    1 week MORE

    Birmingham Schools start back = Thursday 2nd September
    Carmarthenshire schools start back = Monday 5th September.
    2 days LATER

    How is it possible? I have 5 1/2 weeks off but in Carmarthenshire they have 7 weeks.
    How do the school holidays compare to this in your area? Do we all get the same pay? Or is it just a post code lottery of sorts dependant on what LEA you work for?
    Taking a deep breath!
  2. Teachers work 195 days a year. the actual dates they work vary from county to county. What you lose in the summer you will gain elsewhere.
  3. True, we all work the same number of days, its just how we divide them between breaks that is different. I still hanker for teaching in Northern Ireland where although they dont have any week long half term breaks they get all of July and most of August for summer holidays, usually eight weeks. I have never seen the point of a half term break in June and then working in July.
  4. My son's school in Durham broke up today and are off until the 8th September, so effectively 7 weeks holidays! However, this is partly because they are having a revamp over the summer.

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