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Breakfast for a one year old

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Wylfie, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Wylfie

    Wylfie New commenter

    We need some fast and nutritious breakfast ideas for mornings when I work. At the mo she just has some baby cereal/weetabix - are there any other cereals good for little ones that aren't loaded with salt and sugar?

    On a slightly different note she really isn't taking to cows milk. Tried it warm, cold, in different cups etc. She has formula with breakfast and at bedtime, when can we stop this? how much dairy should she be having daily ie on cereal, cheese, yoghurts, really scared to stop formula!!!!

    Many thanks :)
  2. My kids favourite breakfast cereal is Ready Brek. I discovered it last year when my daughter had to start a non-diary diet. it is very very high in calcium (one bowl provides a toddlers full calcium amount for the day).
    there are 3 flavours - plain, chocolate or golden syrup. i serve the plain and use cake decorating sprinkles to make it look really fun and to sweeten it up a little bit (my toddler does her own spinkles and my 1 year old just likes to eat them!)
    hope this helps! good luck
  3. also...
    i think that the average child is supposed to get about 700 mg of calcium. think theres about 400 in a bowl of ready brek.
    theres loads in cheese yoghurts so really as long as your little one is ok with diary then you are fine if she's not drinking milk.
    another calcium wonder i discovered when my daughter had to go non-diary is Hovis 'best of both' bread. they put 170mgs of calcium in one slice of bread - so even a sandwich becomes a really good source. don't be fooled by the kingsmill copycats - only hovis do the high calcium. we never have any other bread in the house now...
    my toddler (back on dairy now thank goodness) doesn't drink milk, but she has ready brek, yoghurts cheese and milk on her cereal so i don't worry. my 18 month old still has 2 bottles of formula and i'm going to let her keep this up for as long as she wants to - my belief is that they'll give it up when they are ready... until then id just 'go with the flow'.
    hope this all helps
  4. Banana. Toast. Some Baby Bel.
  5. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Crumpets cut into fingers, dippy egg with toast fingers, fruit loaf or teacake with butter, fresh fruit cut into pieces, yoghurt, scrambled egg, croissants, banana pieces or mashed, ready brek, dry cereal in a pot to eat snack-like, scotch pancakes, marmite/peanut butter/sugarfree jam on toast or muffin, malt loaf, dried fruit? Some of these eg eggs take longer so could be saved for weekends.
    On my work days (I'm PT 2 days a week) I give my LO a nibble of my nreakfast and then she goes to breakfast club at nursery, 15 mins before they officially open, for £2 a day. It means I miss the traffic and she can sit up at the table and have a proper breakfast rather than the piece-of-toast-in-the-car fiasco that usually happens trying to get out of the house by 7:15.
    I don't like weetabix because of the texture of the nappies afterwards! (Sorry)
  6. Porridge oats every time - made with full fat milk, loves it - I usually put sone sort of fruit in too. 1 min in microwave, sorted.
  7. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    My daughter is 11 months old tomorrow, and she likes beans on toast. I just cook the beans in the microwave, so it's really quick. She likes scrambled egg too, but that takes longer obviously.
    Porridge is good too, so are yoghurts as someone's said. Also cut up fruit, a bit of cheese.
    I can't wait to stop it! We kept our son on formula until he was 18 months old as he didn't eat much, maybe 2 yoghurts a day sometimes, so we were worried, but our daughter eats anything and everything so I can't wait to ditch the formula!
    Just make sure she gets lots of dairy products, and maybe make dinners with cheese sauce on them to make sure she gets plenty of calcium. I'm sure once you stop formula she'll drink more cows' milk.
  8. My LO has had no milk at all as a drink since I stopped bfeeding her at 13 months, she would never take a bottle and will only have water in her cup. She is now 19 months.
    So for breakfast, she has ready brek or weetabix with milk, some cherrioes, raisins or similar as finger food and a banana. She has at least one fromage frais a day, plus a chunk of cheese at some point and often has things like mash pot with milk in, fish pie or cauli cheese for her tea. I am not at all worried about her calcium intake, she is much bigger than her peers so is clearly growing!
    My nephew is not a big eater so still has several bottles of formula a day. They are pretty much the same size so that just shows you that they all end up pretty much the same whatever we mums do!
  9. tartetatin

    tartetatin New commenter

    Maybe I'm lazy but my wee ones either had weetabix or the dried organic 'baby' cereals (available from Boots, supermarkets etc) ... made up with heated milk obviously!
  10. My LO likes rice crispies, readybrek corn flakes, weetabix and the mini ones. Fruit toast and crumpets are also quick and easy and not too messy!

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