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Brand New Art department HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by salnorwich, May 24, 2011.

  1. After many years of teaching 11-18 and a number of gruelling interviews I am thrilled that I have got a new job at a brand new sixth form college opening in September. However, I have been asked to provide a list of both 'essential' and 'desirable' equipment for September. I have no idea what kind of budget is available. All I know is that there are two new art studios. Year 13 will transfer from their current secondary schools, I dont know them or have any idea what facilities they are used to. It will only be A level no BTEC or Diplomas. Whilst I appreciate you will all be thinking 'lucky ***' Any help/advice would be very very welcome as I am worried that I will ask for too much/not ask for enough/forget to ask for something essential. .....................
  2. Hi

    Sounds good!
    You need to take both a short and a long term approach.

    Short term- Your immediate task is to be up and running in September you will need to know 1) How many Y13 groups are you expecting and what syllabus they are currently following. 2) How many Y12 students are you expecting and what have they been offered re courses and syllabus. If you are not happy with these then now is the time to change and negotiate . Don't be afraid to try and make contact with these students now so you can talk to them about what their expectations are. The obvious thing to do is to play to your strenghts. What is your background what are you most confident doing?

    From your past experience list all the consumables/resources you feel you will need to run the courses in Sept. Begin by providing an exhaustive list and really go to town - you can always reduce it.

    Once this has been done then do a development plan for the next 5 years asking the question what do I want this department to look like in 5 years time. Is this going to be a single person dept? Or will more staff be appointed ?- Staffing will follow student numbers but a vision is needed. For example do you eventually want to run a range of A level options such as Fine Art, 2 and 3 D Printmaking, Graphics, Ceramics Photography etc etc. With this in mind decide how such activities would be deployed in the space available then put together a funding strategy - After 2 years I want to be here, After 4 years and so on.
    Sounds as though you are in a enviable position - best wishes for the future!
  3. Thanks for that. I am very excited! I have to provide a 'shopping list' for next week.......now wheres that catalogue

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