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Branching Databases!!! Help please!!!!

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Sarahjt, May 29, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone
    So our school has now Macs in the ICT suite. I'm a Year 4 teacher and one topic I have to cover is branching databases. For the Mac OS, what is out there? Any free downloads on the internet? (not trials!!).
  2. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    I wonder why??
  3. You beat me to it. I was under the impression that for the last decade or so, colleagues in KS2 were using action buttons in presentation software to make simple branching databases like the one above. Easy to do with a small set of data, not so good if you need to make several edits to a large one though.

    A long time ago, I did a quadrilateral sorter in Flash - keeping the source code flexible enough so that any text could be added. I had a half-hour spare today, so I re-wrote it in Scratch. Feel free to download and add whatever text you want.

    If I had the time, I'd re-write the flash front-end to a fun online tool I once wrote to store branching databases in a set of linked MySQL database tables - I was trying to make a point to my Computing students that you could map the structure of one onto the other at the time.
  4. Thanks for the advice everyone! Macs look good, so I think that's why we got them. It's hard cause I'm trying to learn everything as I go along!!! Don't feel confident enough yet to start organising everyone else!!

  5. Probably because they want something reliable, simple to use and doesn't need an IT guy to sort it out every other session. The one downside can be locating software, but most of this can be located someway, particularly with an increase in online software. If all else fails, I'd still rather go for Macs running an emulator...

    Our school runs both btw - Windows 7 desktops and OS X laptops: ask the children which they prefer, then check the logbook for problems/call outs etc.

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