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Discussion in 'Personal' started by boltonmick, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. Well long time no hear!! Any unsolved puzzles???
  2. I take it that's a no then?!
  3. It appears so but it would be good if there was something to distract me from my cleaning, planning etc etc!!
  4. Well, we'll just have to think of some brainteaser's to keep ourselves occupied!
  5. With my power I stop bread's spread,
    I am even that on which you tread,
    Flip me over and you shall sing,
    Fervid praises fit for a king.
  6. Made me think but I haven't got very far
  7. Here's a couple of themed anagrams if you'd like something to look at

    Chad skin cream
    Bap my boat too
    A most amase
    A bad naner
  8. Any clues? Sorry to be feeble!
  9. is the last one Aberdeen ?
  10. Nope. Not enough e's.
  11. chicken madras
    bombay potato
    meat samosa
    naan bread
  12. That's right LadsNR just swoop in here after ages and grab the right answers before a clues even been given.....grrrr

    (well done by the way! nice to hear from you!)
  13. How about

    men chock line
    a boundless wastrel
    picked gunk
    calcified reprise
  14. cheers gg :)
  15. Lemon chicken

    Peking Duck

    (not so hot on chinese food!)
  16. Sweet and sour balls???
  17. yep yep yep
  18. Special fried rice!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. indeed

    well done
  20. You got mine right too but I had to go and eat and ended up watching TV - Freaky Friday - with other half. Easy to watch film that didn't inspire me to solve riddle!

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