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Bradford/Kirklees/Teach Leeds GTP Confusion!!!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by 10081040, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. I agree with you to a certain extent; hard work and determination gets people where they want to be. I have a place on a PGCE for Sept and worked very hard for my interview at BNETT last week. If I am successful it will be because of my hard work and enthusiasm at the interview. However, I think it also depends to some extent on who interviews you. Last year my interviewee's were very serious and made me feel uneasy. This year they couldn't have been any different. I felt very happy with my interview and actually enjoyed it!!
    Where are your offers for the GTP this year? Have you applied before?
  2. My interview for the Kirklees GTP went terribly. I feel so down. I was really banking on this to get into teaching from my previous work. I've taken such a risk and I feel so disappointed in myself. It wasn't so much the actual interview. The people on the panel were lovely. It was the task which let me down. I had no idea what they were expecting of me beforehand so felt underprepared once I got in there. Did anyone else who has done the Kirklees GTP interview struggle with the task?
  3. This is my first year of applying. I also have a place on a PGCE, which I think I am unlikely to accept due to my recent offers. My offers are for North West GTP and Kingsbridge which is also in the north west. My first choice is Bradford though, as I want to stay in m current school. I know what you mean about the interviewers, my ones at bradford didn't make me feel very welcome...
  4. Hi, have you heard from BNETT yet? I didn't get into Bradford, but will be tyaking my offer from York for the PGCE.

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