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Bradford College Primary PGCE

Discussion in 'Primary' started by opendoors, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. I trained at Bradford College for my PGCE Primary. They may seem unorganised but there are 'understanding and human' lecturers and if I were u I would go for it.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Hi I also have an interview at Bradford Coolege on the 28th. What did you say about current educational issues and what was the short writing task on?
  4. Hi
    I also had my interview at Bradford yesterday (28th November 2011) and was really shocked that I got an offer through today! Just wondered who else will be going next September 2012?
  5. Hi,

    I was also there yesterday! got my offer through as well, they were pretty good with getting back to us so quick! :D
  6. I was there in the morning were you? When I got the email to check track I thought I must have been unsuccessful so I was really happy!
  7. Hi, I had the interview on the 28th at Bradford aswell and have also received an offer. I was really surprised at how quick they replied!
  8. I was there in the morning too! I was really nervous checking it on track! well congrats to the pair of you and I'll be seeing you both in September :D
  9. I was there in the afternoon. Congrats to you too. See you in September.x
  10. Congratulations to you both and see you in September, can't wait!!
  11. Hey! I attended Monday 28th November (AM). I received an unconditional offer too! [​IMG] I can't believe they were so quick!
  12. Well done! It was great that we didn't have to wait too long.
  13. Aaargh! You guys are making me worried! I have my interview on the 15th December, I hope they haven't given away all the places before then.
  14. I'm sure you will be fine! Good luck! :)
  15. Any tips for the essay?

  16. I was at interview on 15th December....got my unconditional offer today!Congrats to all those in the same boat...SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER :) xx
  17. See you in sept everyone =D xx
  18. Congrats to everyone. I'm really looking forward to starting now!

    Is everyone from Bradford or is there anyone that will be moving there?

    Sheila :)
  19. Hey! I'm from London but will be moving down soon! What forms are you talking about?? I wasn't told about any forms :s I haven't received anything from the college since my offer letter? Lol you got me worried now :|
  20. Hi, I was talking about the crb check form and couple of others that came with it! I handed mine in a couple of weeks ago.

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