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Boys in mixed classes. SEN

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by Estellia, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. Hi I read the messages on 'getting boys on side' thanks for that.

    Would just like to get some specific feed back on this:

    I teach mixed classes, all of which are generally fine apart from Yr9 boys, they are killing me. I am trying my best to be consistent and clear, but they are disrespectful, insist loudly they haven't done anything when I sanction them. It's a small number in each class, but they set the others off. In terms of balance of numbers between boys and girls in the classes there are always more boys and it annoys me the way they dominate the girls and take over. How can I get them to take me more seriously?? Part of the problem has been a very unclear behaviour policy and route of escalation that I'm still only clarifying after over two months at the school. This really didn't help and I'd no backup at all for at least the first month. I'm a female teacher.

    Second issue - children with behaviour problems on SEN.. who respond badly to sanctions due to behaviour difficulties.. setting off other pupils who would otherwise be well behaved.

    I have a few children that are on the SEN and have behaviour issues, before I was given the SEN register (I finally tracked it down after a month ) I was using normal sanctions which didn't work at all, now I'm having more success by deflecting, praising, changing seating etc.. but they still have an impact on other students behaviour. Any tips on helping the rest of pupils understand that my expectations of their behaviour is higher and that certain pupils are given leeway for good reason without making it too explicit?
  2. Hi there, I have had a few yr 8 and 9 classes with this same problem, boys with low concentration spans and an inability to focus on anything other than disruption. As you say sanctions generally don't work as they are getting them from all over the place and SLT generally don't have a clue what to do with the problem.
    This may not work for you but I actually decided with one very difficult class to set another table up in the corner of the classroom away from the main teaching area and sat all the poorly behaved boys on this one table. I made sure they were facing away from me and the class and separate. I spoke to them beforehand and said to them because you don't want to take part in the lesson you are going to do separate activities on another table. If they misbehaved on this table they would leave the class and have a detention. I said to them the only way they can move off this table is by behaving and following my expectations and showing respect to other class members. At first they thought it was fantastic being able to sit away from the class and colour in and not do work, but soon the novelty wore off and they were known as the 'naughty table'. I think they actually needed the rest of the class to enjoy their disruption, with each other they could not. Generally let them back one by one and sit them separate. You should experience improved behaviour from them.
    This is high risk and does not always work, but clear it with your HoD and give it a go as it may enable you to get the majority of the class onside and willing to learn.
  3. Thanks for your reply luke. I've been doing this in some classes and it's certainly helpful. I think I need to have more work prepared for this and be expecting that I will have to use it. I've been speaking to other staff members and realise now I'm probably setting too high a standard for myself and that these skills take time to learn, I'm not very long as an actual classroom teacher.

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