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Discussion in 'Physical education' started by smithsab, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Just started teaching Boxercise to some year 11 girls!! Have started doing it, as i have dont some boxing before. They absolutly love it, only problem is im running out of ideas. does anyone have any lesson plans or SOW for boxercise??? know this is a long shot, but it would really help to give me some ideas. I have the sets of pads and gloves as far as equipment goes.

    thanks in advance.
  2. Just started teaching Boxercise to some year 11 girls!! Have started doing it, as i have dont some boxing before. They absolutly love it, only problem is im running out of ideas. does anyone have any lesson plans or SOW for boxercise??? know this is a long shot, but it would really help to give me some ideas. I have the sets of pads and gloves as far as equipment goes.

    thanks in advance.
  3. Please don't call it Boxercise as this is a Registered Trademark - and they are quite protective!

    I know as I am a Boxercise Instructor! And even I can get upset when uncertified "instructors" teach "Boxercise" thus devalueing my cert, my time, expertise, professionalism AND raising my insurance premiums through their inadequacies!


    As for SOW - try buying "Kick-Boxing in a Box" and working through their workout cards!

    But actually I am a little bit suprised that you would teach any boxing skills without more than "some boxing" experience as it is (to their minds) a contact sport!!!!

    Why not try the website and get certified!? I guarantee you will love it!!! And you will be able to work those girls in ways they will continue to love!
  4. When i say some boxing I mean a fought for my university and have been boxing for about 4 years. I guess it does require some thought as it is a contact sport, but i dont see it being a great deal different from non rugby coaches at our school coaching rugby. I Apologise for devaluing your certificate. And thank you for your advice in my ?boxing related fitness class?
  5. Sorry Smithsab - I guess my post may have come across as being a whinge!

    But I actually feel the same about ANY unqualified person leading ANY sport or exercise based activity! Based on your explanation of 'some' you should be able to get a short cert no problem...

    My advice to try

    a) Kickboxing in a Box was heartfelt - it is a simple resource but does give simple ideas about building on sessions - as do many of the other kickboxing books out there! I use kickboxing rather than boxing as there are more exercise based resources available!

    b) a Boxercise or similar cert was also from the basis of it being one way of solving your problem - both re. safety and planning!!!! And most of all increasing the enjoyment and stickability factor!

    And whilst you may have intended to be a bit 'off' on naming your class "boxing related fitness class" I was also sincere in warning about the Boxercise guys! They spent a lot of money, time and effort setting up their training programme - and they are protective about it! Regardless of your using it as a descriptive name for your class using it is fraud - and they object!!

  6. njs1999

    njs1999 New commenter

    Do you mean qualified, as in going on a course to get a qualification in an area, i.e. a ceritificate saying you have been on a course?
  7. No! I mean given the experience quoted in the sport/activity of boxing that Smithsab would NOT need a HUGE course to teach him the fundamentals of boxing skills, but would probably find that a short course - aimed at teaching class construction, motivation, progression etc and safety issues such as warm-up and cool-down, and possible sport specific but exercise contraindicated activities - would answer the questions he raised!

    Read what you like into my posts - but I think you'll find it reflects your own attitude towards CPD etc, rather than my own!

    Why else would I be so ****** off at non-qualified people teaching what has been my passion and PROFESSIONAL career for so many years!

    I take the safety and edcuation of my clients/learners/participants VERY seriously - and keep myself up-to-date re. first aid, academic knowledge and new and exciting formats to teach! And that means CPD and certification! NOT LIP SERVICE!

    And if you actually READ my post - not simply react to a piece of it - you will see that that is what I advocated - short course for planning! Not long course for learning how to.....

  8. njs1999

    njs1999 New commenter

    I was only asking a question. But I think you should use a few more capital letters to prove your point.

    2 questions;

    1. Why did you read the wrong way in to what I asked?

    2. Are you this patronising towards colleagues and pupils?
  9. So, you irritated me!

    If asking if I was advocating "a ceritificate saying you have been on a course" I felt you were being a snark!

    So I responded!

    If you felt my response was patronising you should be able to imagine how I read yours!

    Happy now! We T'd each other off!

    Can we call it quits now?
  10. njs1999

    njs1999 New commenter

    Yeah, whatever.

    I'm not really in to this whole arguing with people on the internet **** anyway.
  11. So don't then!

    Are we going to be really childish and fight for the very last word :) ??
  12. Can I have the last word, if no-one else wants it?
  13. No i want the last word, or ill spit my dummy out. Thanks for your advice, but as im sure you can appreciate i dont have the time to go on a course to teach 11 girls for one term, nor will my HOD sanction it so i guess ill either carry on with my knowledge of boxing and my expereince as a physical educator or deny the kids the chance to do a "boxing related fitness class".

    p.s. i dont have a qualification in Badminton or tennis either..ill approach my HOD and tell him im not teaching it any more as of today....P45 anyone????
  14. But you now say that you DO have quals to back you up - "physical educator", I am assumimg then that are, unlike others who post here, a PE Teacher with PE Teacher creds?!?!?!?!

    And, as I originally offered some other resources you could use.....

    Difference between Teaching and Coaching already came up - if you an't got the coaching creds, then I hope you do have the teaching type!!!!!

    And stop with sarcy "boxing related fitness class".

    That IS what you are teaching, or why originally call it Boxercise? - and it is probably WHY the girls love it so much!!! All my girls think it is a GREAT way to exercise - and that I chose to get a cert is cos that is what I do - fitness instructor and FE lecturer!

    Oh I give in.... written word can get soooooo tricksy ....
  15. Last word anyone? No? It's mine then.
  16. ok then dave you have it...whoopps.
  17. I am a qualified Boxercise intructor (7 years), and a P.E teacher (9 years), and I am not at all offended by you teaching it!... There is so much access to classes etc that you can take the basics away with you and deliver a good class to girls 11-16.
    I dont know why SOME people get on their high horse about things like this... as it goes, I came on here looking for some ideas too as I have run out and dont go on my next kick boxing course for some time... guess I will have to look elsewhere as some people [​IMG] cant give advice... only abuse! what is her problem? Im sure Boxercies would love to know what kind of people they have on their books!!!!
    Sorry we are both stuck Smithsab.
    Good luck
    but defo try and get on a course... you can teach out of school (as i do for extra cash) and further your development too. Some perks too... eg, discounted Boxercise equipment, and cheaper extension courses for the future.
    lizhall69 likes this.
  18. Mmmmmmmmmmm! The thread is about 5 yearsold, natmaggi.
    They could have met in real life, married and had kids by now!

    But I would wonder what Boxercise would say if one of their instructors advocated the use of their trademark to an uncertified person!

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