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Boxercise class/fitness after school club

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by Paul_B83, May 18, 2011.

  1. What qualification do we need as PE teachers to be able to run a Boxercise club within school?
    I have searched on here and found some old posts that give some information, and looked at a link for a company that run courses in my area.
    There is info on certificates for leading sessions in schools and how to get qualified, but do we need to have any other fitness instructor qualifiactions before we can teach Boxercise?
    In terms of boxing experpience, I am limited to being a participant in boxercise classes and sessions with My personal trainer.
    Thanks in advance

  2. i do boxercise in my school, bit in lessons and after school

    you need to complete the boxercise instructor course same as the guy who leads your gym class, i contacted them and they said they didnt do a seperate award for teachers compared to instructors as the course content would be virtually the same, if i remember rightly it cost about 150-200 quid and lasts a day

    you could run it with a qualifiction if you wanted but god help you if some one got hurt and you were qualified

    check out the boxercise website

    hope that helps
  3. -bangs head on table-
    should say god help you if you WEREN'T qualified, who said PE teachers were pants at english...
  4. Boxercise is non contact, so if you are a fully qualified PE teacher you could run it as part of your Health Related Fitness sessions. If you regularlly go to boxercise Iam sure you could 'borrow' and adapt what you instructor does.
    If the kids really engage with it then get your head of pe to put you on a boxersize course. It would be ideal for Keystage 4 PE. Plus you could earn a little extra pocket money at your local gym if you wanted.
  5. Cheers for the replys people...

    I have already looked at the boxercise website, which is what others have directed me to.
    I have also spoke to our LA PE team and they recommend I do the certificate... as and I quote her words:
    "To teach Boxercise the Association for PE’s guidelines are that ‘higher risk activities, such as trampolining, contact sports, adventure activities, swimming and martial arts should only be undertaken by suitably accredited personnel ‘ therefore you will need a NGB coaching qualification"

    So thats what I am going to do... Theres a course in my area coming up soon so i'll get my self on that.
    Thanks again...
  6. If you don't do a Boxercise course you can't call it Boxercise - they are quite hot about their trademark
    Havingbeen Bixercise qualified for many years I recommend them. They have both boxing and exercise specialists and are VERY hot on the safety issues and class participation/organisation.
    Other certs are less appropriate to a school setting and may not be included in any insurance. Boxercise usually are - they work hard to make sure they are!
    Have fun... it is a great activity and the trainign course is hard and VERY enjoyable!
  7. Thanks for your reply.
    On the last day of term I had confirmation from the head that the school would pay for my course fee's, so I am going to book a place on the course (through Boxercise) tomorrow when I am back in school.
    Cant wait to get onto the course and get qualified then put it to use in school next school year.

  8. Have you done the course yet??
    I'm happy to swap resources if you have!
  9. Copy and paste the link below for the best KS3 & KS4 teaching resources:


    Thanks Mr Mac
  10. Pobble

    The course isnt until, the 23rd of July, Nice way to start the Summer holidays...

    I'll be happy to swapp resources once I get some..

  11. You could try a new resource called Creative Combat, its a three week dance and movement scheme and includes lesson plans and a useful on-line training video that demonstrates basic non-contact combat moves: punches, strikes, kicks and transitions that you can then put together in to a routine. It also comes with circuit cards. Its a great introduction in to teaching to this style of activity and is only £19.99. Try this link http://www.imovesdance.com/key-stage-3-4/ and scroll down the page to the short schemes. I hope this helps.
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    Completed the training for Boxercise during the summer holidays and
    practiced like hell in the studio at the gym with a few mates...

    The Verdict of the 1st 3 days of including it in school 1 girls afterschool club,
    boys lunch time session and in 2 lessons. Is the kids love it and are keen as
    mustard to get involved and most importantly are working 100% harder than they
    would do if it was just a straight forward circuit session which relied on them
    pushing themselves...

    Just been the basics in lessons. Intro, Footwork, punch technique and then
    some intro to Pad work, but I now have 60 kids (20 of which are girls who have never stayed behind after school to do a club) wanting to attend 3 extracurricular
    clubs and I’ve only done the sessions above...
    So happy that I decided to do the course and invest in the equipment...
    Well worth it...
  13. I'm really glad you and your kids like it Paul.
    Remeber to go onto Youtube and search out some of the combat trainers videos, some of them are really awful, but you should find a couple that suit your needs. The Boxercise DVDs are good too! Simple but sooooooooooooo easy to add to as you get more confident and your kids get better at it!
    Did you do the kick part of the cert too? If you did, save most of the kicking for a bit later..... give them something to look forward to. I used to teach a right knee, right elbow strike, left knee left elbow strike combo as my kicking intro - the girls especially loved the utter violence, sorry, aggression of that combo on pads.
    You can imagine it, hold the pad, heave it down as you raise your knee with a little jump and a 'huh' then rechamber and slam your elbow into the other pad with a 'hah!' - lots of Miss Piggy noises, giggles and sweating....

    Oh, and it gives you an excuse to dig out Carl Douglas's Kung Foo Fighting to play to them "huh hah" indeed [​IMG]
    I miss it. I wish I were fit and well again....

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