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Bowels - help!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by tatty-bear, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. tatty-bear

    tatty-bear New commenter

    Hi All,
    Due to slight anemia from my first blood tests (and i mean slight - 1 number lower than normal - and i have had this prior to pregnancy), i was put on pregaday. I didn't start taking it until i was 14 weeks pregnant as per the instructions in the manual. However, it is causing me some grief i think. Every morning, i am having incredibly soft stools - not diahorrea (sp?), but not far off. It is making me feel completely rubbish. I know that constipation is a symptom of preg, but this nearly has me in tears. I am not entirely sure that it is the pregaday as it started at a low level once i went past 12 weeks, but i am not sure it is helping. Every morning, i feel like this, then i worry that baby is ok, so out comes the doppler to check (all fine as far as i am aware!). But i feel at the end of my tether as i sometimes have episodes in the day - how on earth am i going to cope at school? I am a PE teacher and have fixtures etc, so am already dreading going back!
    I just feel rubbish - i have tried changing my diet slightly (tbh - it has been better than prior to pregnancy), and i am trying to ensure that i am eating the right things where possible for baby, but it is hard when you feel rubbish!!
    Sorry for the moan, but has anyone else had ANYTHING like this during pregnancy - i feel like i am the only one because everyone else has constipation! Please help me to not feel like the only one
    Tatty B
    17 + 3
  2. hummi7883

    hummi7883 New commenter

    I had diarhea kind of thing during my pregnancy because of iron tablets.....[​IMG]
    its either losse or constipation.... I have heard!
  3. No not everyone has constipation mine are looser than usual. Mine is just in the morning though that sounds a real nuisance (but it may settle or you may be constipated by the time you go back to work). There's no need to worry about thr baby though the pesky pregnancy hormones just affect different people in different ways. FWIW what I est doesnt seem to make that much difference.
  4. Tatty, your baby can withstand this otherwise they wouldn't have prescribed the drugs. Are they iron tablets? Could you take them every other day? Or an alternative time of day? My bowels have always been loose and it can be annoying but I would take that over the pain and toxicity of constipation any day. Go back to your GP and see if they can reduce the dosage or frequency that you have to take the meds. We still have three weeks left so you should hopefully be able to improve the situation in that time. Let us all know how you get on.
  5. I was exactly the same minus the pregacare. I just had loose stools with extreme pain sometimes. I had evening sickness and I remember one evening running from a neighbours as best I could to make it to my own loo. Trying to run and not be sick or poo yourself is not a pretty sight :)

    It did clear up on its own though so wasn't something I suffered for long. Do speak to GP or midwife though.
  6. Ask for something else if you think it's the tablets. You don't have to put up with it, anything based on ferrous sulphate to treat iron deficiency anaemia is by far the cheapest option. I have been anaaemic before (strangely not now I'm pregnant) and when I didn't get on with iron tablets I was given sytron (which is a syrup they give to babies and children, much kinder on the stomach) and I now use spatone which is an iron rich water you can buy from boots (not on NHS unfortunately).
  7. I second Kritur's suggestion of spatone sachets... it's much much better for the tummy and you can take 2 sachets a day whilst pregnant.
  8. tatty-bear

    tatty-bear New commenter

    Thanks all - think i was just having a wobble yesterday, so sorry for the big moan! Feel better today - tummy was a tiny bit iffy, but feel human so that is a good start. My mum said that diet fizzy drinks can cause diarhea etc because of the sweetners that they put in, so am on full sugar now if at all (though squash can get boring, and i am a nightmare for drinking enough normally!).
    Actually feel hungry as well today - fancy food rather than consuming food because i have to! Missed lunch because i forgot to take anything when i popped into work, so that has probably helped feeling hungry!!!
  9. Just seen this thread and wanted someone to reassure me it's normal. Today, just now in fact, I've had really bad stomach ache like trapped wind. It's made me very windy and I then went to the loo and have diarrhea. This happened about a week ago, trapped wind followed by diarrhea. Is this normal? I'm only 6 weeks and this is my first, so no idea what to expect.
  10. Just wanted to add to the already good advice that pregnancy vitamins can play havoc with your stomach. I felt much better the minute I stopped taking a huge multivitamin and just took the folic acid. I then tried taking them again at about 20 weeks and the same thing happened with upset tummy etc.
  11. noemie

    noemie Occasional commenter

    It's not just the vitamins. Stopped taking them as passed week 13 but stool was quite loose today and I fart a fair deal. I think it is linked to what I eat as it tends to happen on days where I've not had so many fruit/veg. Just keep eating well and drinking plenty, and avoid fizzy drinks as it tends to make it worse.
  12. Oh dear, I'm stuck on the loo again! I don't know if it's my vitamins (sainsburys own mum and bump) or if it's when I eat meat! Yesterday was cottage pie, today was pork casserole. Will take just folic acid tomorrow and see if it makes a difference.
  13. Antoniou I was so excited to see that you are pregnant!!! Congratulations!

    I don't check on here often anymore but I always hope that I would see good news from you. I was on the ttc forum with you. My little one is now almost 8 months.

    Wishing you lots of luck.

    A x

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