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Bourton meadow GTP interview

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by robin1991, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Does anyone else have an interview on 9th March at this School? Bit worried about it as i need to plan a 30 minute lesson on anything that interests me, and as i have never actually done any teaching before (apart from work experience in which i was more of an assistant than a teacher) i am a bit worried! Does anyone have any tips.
    Thanks :)
  2. I would contact TES ASAP! You really are a very foolish individual to post the name of a school where you have an interview at on a forum. You may have just damaged your chances of gaining a GTP position at that school.
  3. Or leave it up and you may increase the chances of the school appointing someone with more common sense, greater ability to think for themselves and not quite so lazy!
  4. I agree Master Maths! If the OP can't come up with one activity idea independently for an INTERVIEW then they really shouldn't be considering teaching.
  5. That's a little reductionist - OP is asking for tips for a GTP placement, which have never been in such high demand. It makes complete sense to try and pool together as many reputable sources, opinions and ideas before making an informed decision on his/her lesson plan.
    Suggesting someone should reconsider their career choice after so little information is ridiculous.
    Robin - Don't post specifics about schools on the forum - lesson learnt [​IMG]
    I'm preparing myself for a GTP interview - I presume I will have to present a lesson of some sort and have read good advice on:
    - planning a fun starter activity
    - not getting bogged down in detail
    - including multi-sensory
    - showing passion for your interest
    - recapping on lesson objectives towards the end

    Good luck

  6. And who do you think would stand a better chance, Cilium? Someone who carries out proper research and combines this with their own ideas, before possibly showing these ideas to others and asking for their feedback? Or someone who, on more than one occassion asks a completely open question along thie lines of the above?
    If I were interviewing, I know who I'd rather have in front of me.
  7. Not cynical or sarcastic, merely realistic. Both myself and MasterMaths are teachers whereas you are simply another GTP applicant. End of.
  8. And, for the record, I completed the GTP last year and have been asked to be involved in the selection of future GTP students.

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