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Bottom Set Maths / Science

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by brambo, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Quite agree. A pupil in our school who achieved a 6A in year 9 would be expected to be getting a B grade at GCSE and would be in set 2 (given that our 10 forms have 2 groupings of 1 to 5). Either way, we'd expect anyone that achieved a 6A to move forward to L8, which (roughly) equates to a grade B. If they didn't achieve this we'd feel we'd failed the pupil.
  2. At our school, if you'd gained a 6A in Y9, you would almost certainly do Higher.
    You might have a discussion regarding whether you wanted to do a Foundation paper at the end of Y10, but would be placed in a Higher stream.
    Not being awful, but I'd kill to teach at a school were "bottom set" were achieving 6A in Y9. We have pupils who after 3 years of intervention are STILL achieving just L4 at the end of Y9.
  3. Thanks for that, Brambo. I feel much more secure in my daughter's attainment level.

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