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Bottles, cups and milk

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by all_heart, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. all_heart

    all_heart New commenter

    A tip I've heard to get them off milk in a bottle is to slowly dilute the milk each week - the milk I use is 1 scoop of powdered milk = 1oz water so I'd mix 7 scoops with 8oz then 6 scoops of milk with 8oz and so on, before you know it it's water! Does that make sense!!!!

    What about the sippy cups with straws, more similar to a bottle than a cup?

    My LO is only 5months so I'm not there yet to say if these work but they are tips I've previously read.

    Hope you get some ideas.
  2. Hi Gooner. I bfed until 13 months so LO had never had a bottle, however she will only drink water from her cup - when I put milk in it she just spat it everywhere. She has never had 'normal' milk as a drink. I give her Ready Brek first and last thing with about 200ml of whole milk in each bowl as a sort of substitute and try and give her lots of creamy/cheesy sauces, yoghurt, cheese as finger food etc. She has grown perfectly well and put on even more weight since I've stoppped bfeeding her so clearly, she is getting what she needs. At 16 months she is over 85 cm and 28lbs.
    My theory is that the less milk they have, the more they fill up on food to compensate. My nephew who is a very similar age still has 3 or even 4 bottles a day but is really not keen on eating. However, he is much the same size as my LO. So, I don't think it matters which you choose to do, they regulate themselves and all end up much the same in the end!
  3. Hey goonergirl. My little boy is 18 motnhs and still doesn;t really like milk from a cup. He is down to just his nighttime bottle though and quite happily drinks water from a cup through the day . Any time it' milk he seems a bit confused. I have tried loads of different cups but still haven't found one that he'll drink the milk from. So, basically, i have no ideas to offer, but want ideas to help me too!
  4. I think its just gradual - as glitterkid says get down to one bottle a day and offer in a cup the rest of the time. I dont think 16 months is too old for bottles anyway. I am yet to see any evidence that shows that a couple of bottles of milk a day after 12 months is harmful to anything. If they have one in their buggy filled with ribena that is a bit different!
  5. I am really interested in this too but can't offer any advise! Our LO is now 20 months and still has milk from a bottle first thing in the morning and last thing at night - he happily drinks water from a cup during the day but to be honest I think I've got a bit lazy with the milk thing so would be interested to know what people think / what their LOs are doing at this age. Despite having 2 x full bottles of milk a day he still eats really, really well so I have no worries on that front. Also, does anyone know when we can change from whole milk to semi skimmed?
  6. goonergirl2009

    goonergirl2009 New commenter

    Thank you all for your replies- we might stick with the bedtime bottle for a little while longer! X
  7. I think the advice to wean them off bottles is because they're not as good for their teeth - so as long as LO isn't swigging from a bottle all day long and you brush their teeth at night that would be fine I think. My LO is 14 months and loves his bottle, so he has one with his breakfast and one at night and I brush his teeth after the night-time one, and I'm going to carry on with that for now.
  8. Mrs Music

    Mrs Music New commenter

    Our little one finally 'gave up' her bedtime bottle at 2 years 4 months... she now has her milk in a cup (the bottle was left out for Santa on Christmas eve!). I think she'd have given it up quite readily a couple of months before, but not before that - we had tried and she would drink out of a cup for a couple of nights but then it was so much of a battle she'd have gone without, and as she's not got a huge appetite we felt it better that she keep on one bottle a day for a little longer than cut that amount of milk out of her daily diet. We always brushed her teeth straight after it anyway as she was going to bed.
  9. I think they also say that it affects speech swallowtail but again I would have thought the same applies. Its the usual no common sense allowed approach. My first daughter did self wean off bottles at 17 months but most have bottles till older than that.

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