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Bored of the same Christmas card and calendar ideas?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by kaw87, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    Anyone else out there bored of the same card and calendar ideas that begin floating around our heads at this time of year? I thought it might be a nice plan to share any idea that have worked really well, been fun to do and have a high quality end product?

    Share away!
  2. Calendars:

    - children paint a sunflower and then cut it up before sticking it down to create a 3D decoupage scene

    - water colour paintings of poppy fields

    - salt dough tiles with the calendar tab stuck underneath

    - photo frame calendars


    - 3D penguins

    - children create patterned wrapping paper and then cut Christmas images out of it, e.g. baubles, bells, snowmen etc

    - cotton wool snowmen

    - finger painting trees with sequin baubles
  3. We do a gingerbread man calendar. Our Autumn 1 topic is traditional stories so we get really ahead of ourselves by doing the calendars way before Christmas, well the gingerbread man part anyway.
    Children draw round a template with chalk on brown felt, then cut it out. The next stage is stitching a smile on and the buttons for buttons, then children glue on sequins for eyes. Nearer Christmas we stick them on bright coloured card, add the calendar tab and a hanger.
    It does need a lot of adult support, but the children get to use a variety of different tools, techniques and materials. And they do look lovely!
  4. Aww that's a lovely idea. We are going to collage teddy bears as part of our toys topic next week. We are using brown paper strips, fur material and felt so they might look nice as a calendar too!
  5. pete72

    pete72 New commenter


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