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Boosting your immune system

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by Ange_mmm, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. I really need to boost my immune system!
    I'm ill again for the fourth time since just before Christmas and royally fed up of it. I have had 3 throat infections and flu with 2 lots of antibiotics. I have always been very healthy up until December. I had a baby last August who I am breastfeeding and I think he is taking all the good stuff from me and leaving me with nothing. He is a big baby and I have now decided to drop one of his feeds for formula to give me a break. My LO sleeps quite well most of the time although this is only wuite a recent development and over Christmas we had a terrible time of it.
    I eat healthily [most of the time] with plenty of fresh fruit and veg. I cook every night and try and make hearty and nutritious dinners. I get lots of excercise and fresh air with the baby and I don't smoke or drink [maybe the odd glass of wine]. I take multivitamins with iron every day and when I am feeling run down I have metatone tonic.
    Can anybody advise anything else I can do? I want to feel healthy again!
  2. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    Take echinacea for a fortnight. Might help!
  3. Breastfeeding will not affect your ability to fight off viral or bacterial infections. If you have had proper flu as opposed to a heavy cold/random virus, it will have clobbered your immune sytem and made it far easier for opportunistic bugs to infect you.
    If your diet is generally good, supplements beyond a multivitamin are likely to be a waste of money. You can't build up your immune system like a muscle. If your body has enough protein, zinc and vitamins, shovelling more in won't make the immune system stronger. Certainly if you've breastfed a big baby for a long time you might want to ensure that you are getting a good supply of nutrients, but any decent A-Z vitamin and mineral pill should be doing that.
    Are you back at work? I find that a new school or even a new year group used to give me at least two terms of sore throats, sniffles, earaches and tummy bugs. It's like a domino rally.
    Perhaps the tiredness associated with having a baby isn't helping. You sound as if you are clued-up about healthy lifestyle and just plain unlucky with the run of infections. I hope the onset of spring and sunshine helps!

  4. I did have propper flu over Christmas then a throat infection. I think like you say I have been very unlucky. I'm not back at work but we are frequenting baby groups and there are always germs going round them.
    I'll try the echinacea, thanks.

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