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Book to inspire writing Y3

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Stephie10, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. I am going to be teaching Extended Writing once a week, besides the normal Literacy lessons. My school suggests to base the Extended Writing on a book/story, where each week children can produce a different piece of writing (letter, recount, etc based on the chosen theme.) For this I will be teaching a LA Year 3 group. Can anyone suggest/recommend a suitable story/book that might be useful to inspire writing up until half term?? Thanks for any ideas :)
  2. I've used 'The Jolly Postman' for letters. There are a range of formal/informal in the story, so children can write from different viewpoints/for different purposes. As for the recount, they could put themselves in the postmans shoes? Write about his day. They could even pretend to be the recipient of one of the letters and do some role play.. leading to writing.
    I actually used 'The Jolly Postman' 'Click Clack Moo' and 'Dear GreenPeace' for letters. But you could adapt easily to a variety of writing genres.
  3. I teach all my literacy through stories in my Y2/3/4 class. Depending on the length of the story we use it for 2 weeks up to an entire half-term. Last year I used The Hundred Mile an hour Dog' by Jeremy Strong, 'The Iron Man' and 'The Twits'. When using these books, we do loads of different drama activities (conscience alley, freeze frames, interviewing) which leads into writing.

    The children absoloutly love using stories to inspire their writing as it gives them purpose and they seem to be able to write from the point of view of a character much more successfully as they have so many more ideas.

    In September I am using 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' for the entire half term. I have only planned the first 2 weeks so far but we will be writing descriptions about the characters, using our senses to write a paragraph about what Charlie would see, hear, feel etc. when standing outside the gates of the chocolate factory, interviewing/writing questions to different people e.g. dentists and local sweet shop owners about what they thought when the factory closed, designing their own golden tickets with a message from ***** Wonka on it, writing decriptions of the horrible children (Augustus Gloop etc.), and interviewing the children who found the Golden Tickets ready to write a newspaper article and include quotes.

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