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Book that changed your life?...

Discussion in 'Book club' started by steffiw, May 30, 2011.

  1. DeborahCarol

    DeborahCarol New commenter

    The Road Less Travelled - M Scott Peck
  2. Emily Barr - Backpack. It cemented in my mind just how much I wanted to travel, so I quit my very nice teaching job and spent most of this year having a wonderful time in Asia. Can't get another job now to save my life but I have no regrets!
  3. I followed a similar pattern to Eva...
    Enid Blyton - specifically the Magic Faraway Tree, moving on to the Sweet Valley series and The Babysitters Club, Judy Blume...Now I read a wide assortment of books which get swapped between myself and my mother.
    I can't say one specific book has changed my life but I have always loved reading and have always been strongly encouraged to read whatever I like.
  4. peggylu

    peggylu Star commenter

    Vanity Fair...Thackeray... 16 or 17 years old... reading this was the first time I realised that those classic books on the library shelves, the books I had previously thought of as 'old fashioned - school study type books' might have stories I could enjoy, characters I could care about and moral dimensions I could learn from.. led me to want more...led me to ...Trollope, Austen, Dickens, Wilde, Eliot, James, Bronte, Joyce, Fitzgerald etc. etc. Then on to a need to read the biographies of these great authors leading on to an interest in understanding the times they lived in and wider historical contexts. Since then, as I have matured, I have read and re-read practically all the classics and have found that I get something new from these masterpieces in every decade as I myself change and understand the world differently.

    Changed my life is an understatement. Thank you Becky Sharp I l will always love you.
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