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book / marking scrutiny record sheet

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by anon874, May 27, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I thought someone might have shared one on the site but I can't find any.
    Do they have a different name?

    I'm bascially looking for a list of "good practice" you should note when looking through marked books

    (eg, regaulary marked, target, feedback, rewards....etc etc)

    Any ideas? I could do with an example - it's something I need to develop for the department.
  2. mflmflmfl

    mflmflmfl New commenter

    A lot of school call this "work scrutiny template", so you could look under that. Just starting half term here at home, so don't have mine in front of me / to send, but you're on the right track with your list of points to include. Off the top of my head, ours also refers to :
    • amount, standard and variety of tasks set (classwork and evidence of sufficient hwk)
    • marking being in line with departmental / school policies
    • evidence of pupils responding to specific feedback / doing corrections (not just teachers setting targets or giving advice)
    • marking refers to presentation when necessary (this was a KS3 focus recently)
    You then just need to decide whether you are tick/cross, 1-5 or something else. We had tick, m(ostly), v(ariable) and cross until SMT issued standard template with numbers. SMT version is school-wide and easy to fill out but doesn't have specifics like evidence of vocabulary testing for MFL, practical work for sciences so we have to remember to put that in the other / general comments box at the end.

    Hope this helps

  3. mflmflmfl

    mflmflmfl New commenter

    Forgot to say too - grid makes it quickest, with details like date, teacher, subject, group above and comments box below

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