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Book day adult costume ideas!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sauce, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. Help! I have to dress as a book character for Book day. I don't want to spend a lot of money and I'm not very good at making anything.
    Would love to hear your ideas!

  2. Help! I have to dress as a book character for Book day. I don't want to spend a lot of money and I'm not very good at making anything.
    Would love to hear your ideas!

  3. My sister suggested I could dress up as a pirate.....stripey top,eye patch etc....!
  4. I am stuck too
  5. Hi, last book day 3 of us dressed in our pyjamas, dressing gowns and slippers and went as the sleepover club by Jacqueline Wilson.
  6. I'm dressing up as a pirate from 'The Night Pirates'. Last year I went as Mr Bump - just wore my jeans and a blue top and wrapped a few bandages around me. I also had an 'I've bumped my head sticker' that we give out at the school. It was really simple, but the kids really liked it. I dressed up for our Fairy tale day as Puss in Boots. Just painted whiskers on my face, made some fur ears and stuck them on an alice band, stuffed my knee high black sock for a tail, wore black and boots (obsviously).
  7. I think I'm going to dress up as saucepan man from The Faraway Tree. Nice and easy, just going to put one on my head and thread some through a rope to wear over my clothes. Will look a bit silly but I'm in KS1 so not too worried :)
  8. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    I'm going as Dorothy from wizard of oz :D I have a white blouse, gingham dress to go over the top and of course red shoes
  9. Maybe Charlotte from Charlotte's web...dress all in black and attach 3 pairs of tights to a belt, stuff with newspaper to make spiders legs...
    There are lots of 'Little Miss' tshirts around now in highstreet shops, you could wear a little miss sunshine/chatterbox tshirt for example and match their hair style or accessories i.e pigtails/wear a hat in a similar colour or a handbag
    A cat could be many options...jess from postman pat for example!
    Witches/wizards are another good one...Harry Potter is pretty popular.
    Claire's accessories always have fairy/angel wings....I'm sure there is a story about the toothfairy or tinkabell.
    Dora the explorer...a rucksack, flask, magnifying glass etc
    Goldilocks/cinderella/little red riding hood (prob the easiest of the three unless you have long blonde hair, and/or a fairy godmother!)
    Peter pan - dress all in green, try and fashion a hat of some kind with a feather
    Hope that helps!

  10. Here's an easy one! I'm going as Professor McGonnagall from Harry Potter. I'm borrowing my daughter's witches hat (left over from Halloween!) and I have a black cloak but all you need is a piece of black fabric or an old curtain! A pair of glasses on the end of your nose and voila.
  11. Our whole school dressed up as 101 + dalmations - staff bought a cheap DIY boiler suit, painted or coloured in black patches (some glued on black fabric patches), added a simple tail and attached floppy card or foam ears to the side of the head cover. Finished off with a black nose etc the effects of 400 of staff and children in the hall was fantastic!
  12. Last year I went as the scarecrow from the wizard of oz, the kids loved it but the cleaners weren't too pleased (a trail of straw). Blue long sleeve top with straw stuffed up the end of my sleeves, raggy frill round my neck, hat with straw stuffed and taped inside and 3/4 trousers with straw taped to bottom too. oh yeah and an orange nose.
    My TA and another TA came as where's Wally and Wendy, red and white striped top, glasses, jeans, walking stick etc... great fun!
    Good luck.
  13. We're having an Alice in wonderland theme and I''m going as a flamingo!
  14. The key stage is doing Alice in Wonderland. Enlarged playing cards stuck on card for your front and back, and a black hat. I'm going as Mad Hatter, white shirt, jacket, short trousers, big hat, funny teeth. Shouldn't be too different really!
    Have fun.
  15. I am going as sponge Bob Square pants. I have got a box, painted it yellow, added some features using coloured paper. A whole for my head and wearing yellow washing up gloves on my hands
  16. I'm sure I'll get flamed for this BUT i don't care....Spongebob squarepants is not a book character surely!? Whilst I concede there may be books based on him, he's a cartoon character. Accuse me of snobbishness if you will, but isn't the point of WBD supposed to be promoting books, not just a cartoon tie in?
    I'm a TA with responsibilty for promoting reading, and I think thats children shouldbe encouraged to read whatever they can, no matter what it is, especially reluctant boys. but on this one day, it would be nice if fiction books could be the focus.

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  17. Customise a box with some doors and stick your head in it (making sure that you can see, of course!) Persuade your colleagues to be the lion and the witch. Handy to remove if you have to stop for petrol on the way to school....
  18. I'm going as Fantastic Mr Fox from Rhoald Dahl's story. I'm wearing all brown with a fur gilet. My ears were easy to make by covering an alice band with fur and stiching on ears. My tail was made from the same fur just cut to shape to attach to a belt. I'm not very good at making things but it only took me 20 minutes and the ears and tail look great.
  19. I went as 'Funny Bones' skeleton. I wore all black and cut out bones from paper and staples them to my clothes.

  20. I have a lovely goth dress so I thought I would go as a witch and have chose Room on the Broom for my story. I will be reading it to the children and using my props along with it. One of the other staff is coming as the queen of hearts - white apron and chefs hat with hearts stuck on. She will have a posh frock on underneath.
    How about a roman soldier from 'rotten romans'. Tunic can be easily made from fabric and the armour and helmet from cardboard, plenty of templates on the web!

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