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Book Corner - Advice

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Pointyboots, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. Hi
    I am a student teacher on PGCE placement and have to do a
    project while I am there. My idea is to try and increase engagement in reading
    by making the book corner and books in general more of a feature in the
    classroom as at the moment they are all kept in plastic boxes that are hard to
    go through. I am going to try and take some out and make more of a feature of
    the books but I am also going to do a display and was wondering if anyone could
    suggest any ideas for something attention grabbing. At the moment I was
    thinking of posting some front covers of books and recommendations but any better ideas would be great.

  2. Meant to say that it is a mixed 3/4 class
  3. I would suggest thinking of a book corner 'theme' and making or buying (if you want) a few props to go along with it. It is great if you can link this with a topic the children are learning about, or if not, ask the children for suggestions of what they would like.
    Last year I tried the following theme:
    Exlorers (I bought a big ikea leaf meant for children's bed for about £8 from gumtree, made vines out of sugar paper and string and put a few props like binoculars and rucsakcs from home in there.)
    Space: (I used tin foil and children's art work to decorate, as well as flying saucers made by kids from mince pie containers and paper plates)
    India: (I used old saris from home, a few props from my gap year in india and some fake flower wedding garlands from a local party shop, about £15)
    This year it is currently 'under the sea' theme, with a fishing net from a random shop, about £8, some blue and green fabric from ikea, £3, and some laminated underwater images which I found online and a box of shells and stones from the beach.
    We are doing 'An Indian Village' Geography topic after half term so I will be reverting to that which was my favourite from last year.

    Obviously whether you buy stuff for your project is completely up to you, and you definitely don't have to by any means. However, everything I have bought I have kept and will almost certainly recycle in the future.

    Hope this gives you some ideas!
  4. I would agree, try to give it a theme. I've done reading corners that tie in with a topic or tie in with a literacy text e.g. Narnia, Charlie and Chocolate factory etc. Sometimes I've just used a theme that I know they'd love e.g. under the sea (as mentioned above). If you type in reading corner primary classroom or similar into google then click images or go to ********** you'll get some ideas. Also search tes as there are loads of old threads about this. Good luck!
  5. I've saw these when scanning through a website for gifts before. Might be a nice way to display books and could be made into an engaging way to involve children by allowing them to choose which books make it into the frame and giving a reason; perhaps this could take the form of a quick class debate / vote or as a treat for a person whose worked particularly hard.

    They look lovely in the picture, although seem pretty pricey. Haven't bought one myself before must say so don't know what they're like in 'reality'.


    (Just realised the link perhaps doesn't sound particularly reliable - suck uk - unless you've visited before)

    The produce is a picture frame which has a slot in which you can insert a book so the cover is displayed as a work of art.

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