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Book banding by colour Ginn 360 - really need help!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by leanne23, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. leanne23

    leanne23 New commenter

    I'm a newly appointed literacy co-ordinator and have just started the task of book banding our books to help facilitate guided reading. I have a book that bands rigby star, spirals, storyworlds and lots of others but it doesn't contain Ginn 360 which has been our core scheme for the past number of years and as such are the biggest amount of books that we have! Can anyone help me as how they have banded Ginn 360 level 1- 9 into the colour type banding of rigby star etc..
    Thanks a million x
  2. I have a chart that might help. Unfortunately some levels seem to cover two bands. So level 1 covers pink and red, level 2 is yellow, level 3 is blue and green, level 4 is green and orange, level 5 is orange and turquoise, level 6 is purple and gold, level 7 is white and lime. This might start you off!
  3. leanne23

    leanne23 New commenter

    Thanks so much. That sounds great. Are those levels the ginn 360 books? Can u tell me who published your chart or where it came from? Many thanks again
  4. I got the same info from literacy support when our school was doing this so basically just spread the books equally into the colours for each level, Hope that helps!
  5. Sorry, mine is just one of the thousand and one odd things I have collected on my laptop! It is entitled NRGinn360 levelling chart but that's the only clue!

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