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Bonuses? Paid by resutls anyone?

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by jabed, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. A simple question really: Is anyone here paid by results or do you get a bonus of some kind for your results at GCSE and A level?
    I was talking to a small group of private tutees today (revision classes - crammer, so from different schools) who seemed to think that their teachers were paid bonuses if they had good results. Now it isn't true of my situation ( I work in an independent school and haven't seen a pay rise for two years let alone a bonus) but I wondered if it was true of anyone else perhaps in the state sector?
  2. bbibbler

    bbibbler New commenter

    I have never heard of thisbut I have heard it from pupils thatI have taught.

    They would not believe that the extra lessons I put on after school and the 3 days I worked over Easter were unpaid.

  3. At my school (Academy) we are the same as main scale for pay but do receive Performance Related Pay which is a bonus linked to whether targets have been met or not.
  4. Im not sure how it would work as a universal?
    Surely the teachers would have to teach either KS4 or 5 who are doing external exams otherwise isnt it going to be a case of fudging more data and fabrication of kids levels in KS3 or year 10 who dont do external exams?
    How would that wor in terms of who teaches what in a school.
    A frend at school has zero KS4/5. Would they not be entitled to the pay or would they get it if the 'added a little of professional judgement' to their kids results?
    "My mortgage is depending on you jonny...now I know you have not got a level 5 in your life but could you read these lines so I can show you are a level 5?"
    "Sure sir..............the puuurrrimita of da shape is 4cm"
    "well done jonny...lets not stop now...try a level 5a..."
    3 hours pass....
    "The intgrating factor is e^-2ln(cosx) which we need to simplfiy and multiply through the differential equation sir"
    My suggestion is to have full CCTV in all classes for a number of reasons, but thats a different debate
  5. pipipi

    pipipi New commenter

    Whilst i initially thought this would be a good idea....
    what if you don't get an exam class one year? no bonus?
    what if you take on a poor group in year 11 having never taught them before? no bonus.
    what if a kid does really well in a predictive test (your target is now a B) but doesn't too well normally? no bonus.

    Like I said. when it was first mentioned I thought it would be good, but I think there might be too many problems.
    If it is done by agreed targets, who would I have to agree with?

    Maybe better to share a bonus across a department. But is that any fairer?
  6. googolplex

    googolplex Occasional commenter

    The more I think about this, the more I think we should have some element of PRP. It should be based on a combination of results, work ethic, etc. Line managers should take responsibility for assessing this, and make recommendations based on the outcome of regular performance reviews. I don't know why the public sector is so frightened of this. If we were in sales, this is how it would be.
    Why should one person get the same pay as another when one puts in the hours after school at clubs, helping kids etc, and the other just turns up and goes through the motions? There are real differences in exam performance by teachers in my dept. I can pretty much guarantee which teachers will do best. Why shouldn't they get rewarded for this?
  7. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    I get an extra cream cake in the staffroom if we beat floor targets!
  8. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    My school - private sector, non-UK - has the number of hours you must teach per week in your contract. Anything in addition to this is paid pro-rata, so if you do any extra classes, activities, weekends away etc. etc. you get paid for it.
    It is not a perfect system ( only one person can sometimes run an activity, so if you want to do it, tough luck ) but it has largely eliminated the resentment that occurs when there is an uneven division of labour.
  9. googolplex

    googolplex Occasional commenter

    And you think that PRP in the private sector doesn't ultimately come down to somebody's judgement?
    The system is only unworkable because the public sector has, for far too long now, gone so far out its way to be 'fair' that it has ended up creating a system which rewards complacency and ineptitude far more effectively than ambition and achievement.
  10. Whilst in many ways it would be nice to be paid extra for good results, it would mean that somebody would have to select the base-line against which you are assessed, meaning that if the Headteacher, or HoD doesn't like you then you'd have higher targets to meet.
    Personally, I just strife to keep my results ahead of most of the other teachers if I can. I just take it as a matter of professional pride that my results are good.
    Thing is though, at times you can be on a loser with a group or a winner.
    Take a "high" ability GCSE group where 20 out of 28 are expected to achieve A*/A. Gain the expected 20 and you've done your job. Exceed 20 and it's worth mentioning. But a group of 28 where all of them are expected to achieve A*/A and you must increase the A* quota.
    Every time you were to be assessed your groups would determine your achievements. Have a group were all the pupils are expected to gain a GCSE grade D or E and it might be easier to exceed the targets than a group of 30 all expected to achieve A*/A grades.

    It is flawed.
    Performance related pay for teachers is always flawed.


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