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Bonkers supply bookings!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by daybyday, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. Went to a local primary school today and a staff member asked where I had travelled from. I said I was local and she said that they had had a supply teacher travel from a town 30 miles away last week - while I was sitting at home twiddling my thumbs. Not sure what to do next, I thought it was quiet as the term is winding down, but now I feel like I am their last resort. [​IMG] Should I mention this to my agency and ask if there are any problems?
  2. It can't do any harm to mention it. Just let them know that you liked the school and it's handy particularly if it's a last minute booking.
    Certainly I wouldn't travel any great distance for work. I can get plenty within 10 miles of home.
  3. jj80

    jj80 New commenter

    Ive often wondered how the agency chooses teachers for work. Does anyone know the process or is it just random or who they like?! [​IMG]
  4. I have found the same thing, I get offered work up to and 1h 30mins away and have then find out that local schools have needed someone. Its a bit frustrating as travel costs really do eat to the daily rate.
    My agencies have said they calculate distance 'as the crow flies' but surely with all the places on the internet where directions/timings are available it wouldn't be hard to work out who was closer.
  5. Pennyforyourthoughts

    Pennyforyourthoughts Occasional commenter

    Was it through the same agency as you and for the same subject? If it was then question the preference there might be a straightforward reason as to why. If not then it may be this senario .....Often to get a specific subject teacher schools have to try several agencies hence why they travel so far, also some schools use several agencies and get charged accordingly for example 1st call then agency charges say £150 (100 to teacher or less for NQT) if second call for occassional subject teachers they charge £160 if really desperation call then they can charge £170 or over or less if they want further business depending on school budget as to how important it is to get a subject teacher over general cover teacher............ We all get these calls to go up to 30 miles, we all know its a favour to the agency and often the agency makes it worth our while.......... well almost.... with petrol so pricey at the moment its marginal.... As supply teachers we do have to be seen to be accommodating especially for our own subject, we cannot get preference for general supply when there are teachers out there qualified to do the job and wanted over us for their subject knowledge and experitse despite having to travel a long way.
  6. The OP mentioned it was primary so I'm thinking the subject specific isnt valid, but the agency certainly is and the teacher who was working there's previous experience, I was asked last week to cover a class at a school a fair way away as 'continuity' as I was a priority teacher for the school, I didnt remember going there. When they checked up it was early 2008 I was last there, however they still had me as priority as they very rarely use supply and the particular class were a 'handful' as they so nicely put it, this sort of situation might have been happening at that school, or the person was a regular supply even though they lived far out?
  7. I think they were just trying out a new face, to be honest. I'm over it now, just was a bit miffed yesterday. I'm definitely ready for it to be the holidays!
  8. I've got a school I go to a lot at the moment that's a mildly arkward commute for me - they're happy to have me, the kids are really nice - it's worth the extra trek to get there. I think agencies stick to teachers they know have got on well there as their first-call for individual schools, and if you've happened to have landed there on a longer-distance run one day and done well there - you DO tend to get called back there a lot. I used to regularly do a 35 mile one down the motorway (my object of total terror) because I had a really nice regular school on the go so it was worth the added effort.
    I've also had a school for a morning call that was 2 minutes down the road from me - that I still go to now it's no longer two minutes down the road from me - although that first time didn't half impress them when they rang an agency and got a teacher at the doorstep within 10 minutes!

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