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Bodhran and frame drum workshops

Discussion in 'Music' started by benedict16, May 9, 2011.

  1. I am a DT/Music teacher and have gradually been developing a range of frame drums, cajons, bodhrans etc and have been running workshops in schools with up to 30 pupils at a time. Im also developing a scheme of work and supporting CD/DVD to accompany it for after the workshop as well as a set of drums, beaters and a bag for the whole lot. I was just wondering what the thoughts might be from others regarding this. The website is www.boomtastidrums.com if you want to look.
  2. What an excellent idea - the frame drum is one of the great instruments of the world. If it's not universal, it must be nearly so, and a part most flavours of shamanism. A pretty good cross-curricular activity if I'm ever allowed to teach a lesson or two on primitive religion and perhaps good for anyone teaching Neolithic history. Not being a historian, I don't know if anyone is doing this, but we did a little when I was in Yr 7 - many moons ago.

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