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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by arcenciel, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Morning all,
    My little boy is coming up to 24 weeks and I have so far not given him any solids (well, I gave him baby rice and carrot once but soon gave up on that..!) Having read the Gill Rapley book and spoken at length with my HV, I am really keen to follow BLW with him. I've started putting the odd bit of fruit/veg in front of him but my main question is about in a couple of weeks time. I am going back to work and he will be spending 3 days a week with a childminder. I have to provide his food until he is one so what kind of things would you send with him? Normal lunchbox type food? And how much?! (better more than not enough I suppose..)
    Sorry if this is a really silly question, the BLW makes a whole lot of sense to me but at the same time I can't quite get my head round it!
    Hope the sun is shining where you are too! x
  2. How much- well quite a bit as half ends up on the floor!
    Kinds of things for childminders.... Yes, normal lunchbox type food- nothing too messy, save that for home, you also want to provide some variety,
    So normal finger foods- there are a few recipe books out there which deal with finger food... It will also depend on how much time you have as well

    It is hard to start off weaning- but quickly you get into your stride and work out what your baby can handle... My daughterrs appetite suddenly tripled at about 11 months,
    Sandwiches- vary fillings
    Rice cakes with home made hummous etc
    Cheese straws
    Cheese scones, fruit scones
    Celery sticks
    Muffins- I have a recipe for cheese and spinach ones, carrot muffins are also good
    Breadsticks and dips
    Fish cakes
    Pasta and sauce- use larger shapes which babies can grab, smaller ones sold are not much use- can add pretty much anything to the sauce. My daughter loves pesto
    Jacket potato- if she can heat it up- with various fillings
    Marinated chicken strips- or plain chicken strips
    Scotch pancakes
    Chick pea burgers (whiz up chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice, cumin, coriander. Add a little flour, rest in fridge and then fry up, These are yummy!)
    Good luck- it is great fun. Babies can take quite strong flavours as well so don't worry about introducing new things.

  3. princessmelody

    princessmelody New commenter

    Great ideas for sandwich fillings- think my LO is getting bored of Philadelphia! (he'll be 8 months next Sunday) We were told at the weaning talk I went to that babies should only have white bread/pasta/rice as the brown stuff has too much fibre and fills them up with little nutrients and can stop them absorbing others (cos of the high fibre?) so I've always (it's been 7 weeks!!!) used white.
  4. I think Annabel Karmel says you should always use brown bread/rice/pasta as the white stuff has little nutritional value (or at least that is what a friend told me, I have never read AK). The NHS seems to suggest that they shouldn't have all wholegrain- but so giving them some is fine to vary flavours. I guess it depends on amount.
    I love the conflicting advice though.... So now we will switch to white bread more often. Huh, here was I thinking I was doing what was best. [​IMG]
    and I wish we had weaning talks around here.
  5. I was told too that little ones shouldn't have brown bread because of the high fibre content and it stopping them getting nutrients from other foods- but it's Ok to give a mixture. Now my LO is 18 months old, I give her Kingsmill 50/50- God knows if that's the right thing to do but that's what I'm doing!! re: BLW and childminders; is your childminder aware of/experienced in BLW? I gave mine the leaflet downloaded from the website. It's common sense for someone who's had kids/been looking after them for years, but it helps to make sure they're aware of the differences between BLW and puree feeding. Mine was the only BLW baby that my childminder had (worked brilliantly though as she gives "picky bits" (sandwiches, toast, crumpets, cucumber sticks, fruit etc to her older children and my 7 month old at the time, just got stuck in!)
  6. 2 weeks early I know -please don't judge me!- but I gave him some Sunday dinner yesterday and toast this morning. It went so well both times, am now seriously excited!! I almost cried watching him at the table yesterday, much to my husband's amusement. I remember someone saying once about soup, (thinking ahead) - does anyone have a recipe please or do you just make a thick soup? I remember doing ww once years ago and making a soup that had no points (is this ok though?) but the consistency of that was probably what I would need for baby. Ooh I'm all excited about food now, I wasn't at all when I was thinking purees! X
  7. I think any bog standard soup recipe would be fine- just use baby stock cubes/ home made stock or no stock!
    Make it thick enough to pick up in handfulls, or manageable on pre loaded spoons. Try giving them white bread as a dipper as well. According to the BLW recipe book butternut squash soup is good to make as it is nice and thick.

    It is lovely watching them eat for the first time- my daughter looked so proud of herself.
  8. Which recipe book is that moomoon? I have ordered a Gill Rapley BLW recipe book I think. Anyway, I have another question (or 2,3,4... sorry!! You will be so sick of me!)
    Rice cakes - normal big ones that you get on the crisp aisle with the snack a jacks etc (but obviously the plain ones?) or the baby ones on the baby aisle? Why do they say 7 months on the packet? Should I wait till 7 months or do you think it's ok from 6? Also, have bought stuff to make hoummous. How long does it keep in the fridge for?
    Sorry to be such a pain!
  9. I use the normal big rice cakes- unsalted ones- used from 6 months. They were cheaper than baby ones and I often think baby foods are priced up a lot. I have used the flavoured baby ones as well but not for ages, I generally like plain ones as you can put stuff on them. I don't really know about the guidelines, I think they assume that most people wean using purees- so will introduce finger foods later on.
    Hummous should keep for a few days in the fridge I think. I'm not sure, I usually eat it too so it is gone quickly.
    Yes- the BLW recipe book you have ordered, is where the soup recipes I have looked at are, it is a really good book- really helpful to think of the kinds of things that you can feed babies and some of the recipes are really good.

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