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BLW support group!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by moomoon, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. We're 2 and a half months in and loving it!
    The gagging does get so much better- she hardly does it now and loves eating- she makes such funny noises.
    puree on toast,
    poached/fried egg (cook them for ages to make them easier to handle)
    scotch pancakes- with fruit
    fruit salad
    wheatabix- add a tiny bit of milk so they are easy to handle

    It was slow to start but so much better now- she ate so much lunch- but now has terrible garlic breath!
    Just keep going at it, with simple things which are easy to chew. Don't worry if most ends up on the floor and they will begin to get more down them.

    I started with purees for a few days, but these led to even more gagging.
    I LOVE blw! I am no expert but know what we did and now she generally eats the same as us/]
  2. undiwear

    undiwear New commenter

    you could say I did BLW with my girls. I put them both on my lap and just let them mooch off my plate. Honest and supremely <strike>lazy</strike> easy for me at the time. The down side is that now the younger one continues to like to help herself up (after she's finished hers) and keep helping herself to my food now that she is 2.5yo
    As for choking, what you are hearing is gagging with is a normal protective reaction which prevents swallowing of pieces which are too large. Choking is silent.
  3. Yeah, she has veg- sometimes hidden inside a meal- like grated carrot in a sauce, she has salads, stir fry, normal meals really. She hates brocolli at the moment but does have a cute 'ewwww' face.. We have done roasted veg, veg in cheese sauce, You learn what your baby can handle and they do get better. I tend not to give too much fruit, some with breakfast and some after her evening meal.

    The BLW cookbook is excellent to get new ideas and expand the kinds of meals you them have- recipes all for 2 adults, and 1 baby. She had homemade pesto yesterday, very easy to make - she loved it but it made her smell. She really enjoys meal times now.

    It is scary when you start as the gagging isn't nice to watch, she has gone very red in the face a couple of times and made my husband panic but it would probably happen with purees anyway - especially when you introduce lumps.
    I have done a first aid course, not for BLW, but useful for any parent.

    Buy a mat you put under the highchair- keep it clean and when food is dropped on it- you can pick it up and give it back.
    The ikea highchair is fantastic, costs about &pound;15- very, very basic but you can hose it down,shower it off- it is so easy to clean.
  4. Porridge- you can make porridge fingers, equal quantities of oats and milk- microwave for 2 mins and cut into fingers. Tastes of nothing but easy place to start.
    You can also make it extra thick so it is easier to pick up... that is where we are, very messy but quite fun.
  5. Also BLW as you know leeds- and loved it. Now at 15 months she eats everything we do (excpet too much salt/spice/fat etc) and feeds herself brilliantly with a spoon.
    Breakfast- toast, weetabix softened slightly (LO hated these unfortunately- we tried shredded wheat with a little more success!) French toast is good as she loves toast but not a great fan of egg so this way she gets the protein and nutrients from the egg.
    I do wonder if my LO has too much fruit- on a typical day when at home with me she'll have a few raisins at breakfast, a chunk of apple for snack with a Babybel, tomatoes and cucumber with her lunch (firm favourites since we began BLW!), then bluberries or another fruit with yoghurt after her dinner. She LOVES it and surely the vitamins must be good for her?!
  6. Sounds fine to me, Clematis.
    Sometimes we get so hung up on the exact balance of our diet we forget the bigger picture, your LO sounds like she is having a range of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. A healthy range is good, and she seems to be getting a great range.... we are programmed to worry but worrying your daughter is getting too much fruit.... Not really an issue [​IMG]
    I am a bit sceptical of the 'concern' about sugar content, or concern of getting too much fruit, if she is running around and active, she will be fine- they are natural sugars and far superior to refined sugars in processed stuff plus there are plenty of nutrients- very healthy.
    We're still relatively early days with weaning, so I still have not built up to deserts and snacks too much. She has some fruit with breakfast but will build more in. I'd be pretty proud if my LO had a diet like that.

    I was a bit shocked at a friend who was giving her child, of 16 months, a huge bowl of coco pops for dinner. Followed by a whole milky bar... so your LOs diet sounds brilliant!
  7. Although I didn't do baby led weaning, I gave LO finger foods with every meal and for a few weeks now he's been using the spoon with increased accuracy (he's nine months) for little dinners I've made him (although he just loves how yogurt feels on his fingers so he prefers to shove the hands in with this).

    Gagging freaked me out at first, but it's just their reflex to move food to the front to give it another chew.
    I read somewhere to think about your baby's diet over the course of a week rather than daily like us - I know there's days where he maybe has more fruit, then maybe more dairy the next.
    Things he loves are:
    skinny slices of melon (lovely when gums hurt), chunks of pineapple, half blueberries, etc.
    steamed carrot batons, green beans, broccoli, asparagus.
    fingers of toast, pancake
    Chunks of cheese
    As they get older their coordination becomes soooooo much better. At the beginning, baby dropped so much on the floor, now he's nearly nine months and only a few bits end up on the floor. Now, if he drops a bit he hunts for it round his trousers!
    I had the Ikea high chair too and it's very good for the early days, but I've just bought one out of the asda baby event that has a five point harness as LO keeps twisting round. It was only 25 quid and seems decent enough.

    My mum's friend was saying what a good eater my LO is the other day and was tellingme her boy was the same - she ordered him a plate of mashed potatoes, carrots and gravy in a cafe and he polished off the lot...at 3 months! This was a few years ago, but it made my belly sore thinking about it!
  8. Thanks ladies! Went to get LO weighed today and mentioned we were doing BLW to HV, and said that he should be on three meals a day now (he's 6 months tomorrow) and was really horrible. I cried when I got out. I shall be avoiding them from now on.
  9. PLEASE avoid talking to hv about BLW, unless you know they are supportive of it. Very few of them think very much of it, and a lot of them are still stuck at babies should be weaned at 4 months on baby rice [​IMG] (which I did with my first, 11 years ago). I always avoided all talk of weaning when talking to hv, and when asked would just list the things she'd "eaten" (read picked up, sucked abit then thrown across the room), then she would be weighed and I was told we were doing fine as she was still on the same line.
    My lo is 14 months now and eats anything and everything, she prefers to steal it from someone elses plate/bowl, but will also happily eat her own food. I have always been guided by her as to how much she wants to eat, which foods she wants to try, etc as this was always my understanding of the Baby Led bit of BLW. You can never force them to eat and it does no good at all to stress about how much they eat.
    The gagging does get much better pretty quickly and the improtant thing to remember is that gagging is GOOD, as it stops the more serious choking from happening.
  10. Ha. My LO was only on one meal a day at 6 months, introduced more gradually. Don't see our healt visitors, but a health visitor at boob club seemed to think it was ok. We started weaning at 6 months, one meal a day and at 8 months she eats pretty much everything, 3 meals a day.
    Silly woman- hate how Health visitors make you feel like it.
    don't worry,
  11. and there are days when she doesn't eat a lot- but she still milk feeds on demand so fills up on that on these days. Your baby will guide you.

  12. HV can be so destructive with their comments. As moomoon said, let your baby guide you.

    I know there was a lot of stuff in the news recently about studies for earlier weaning, but as far as I know, the governemtn guidelines have not changed, therefore for your baby to be on 3 meals a day at six months is asking a lot.
    When I asked about BLW, my HV said, "some people try that. Now with weaning, you start them on baby rice...". I think I will be more strongwilled next time around. I am happy with the combination I've used and am so delighted at the control e shows at picking up little tiny things between his thumb and forefinger. and then the whole fist goes in the mouth!

    Stick to what you're doing, it sound sllike you're getting along well.
  13. moomoon- thank you so much for the reassurance; what is it about teachers (or is it just mums in general?!) that always doubt themselves and need reassurance that they are doing it right?! I just found out that although she will not touch bananas and steamed carrots at home, at the CM she gobbles them down! Little tinker! [​IMG]
    Leeds- not sure if you've read my comments in various places about HVs- I avoid them like the plague, but when I do need to see them I don't mention BLW anymore because I did once and got shot down (instead of crying I got angry- which is unlike me- we are intelligent, educated women who want the best for our children!) I got a bit defensive and like a previous poster (sorry can't remember who) I just listed the foods she "ate" without metioning the BLW aspect.
  14. It is quite strange that there is no consistency from the NHS about this. My HV at our postnatal group seemed quite keen on it and she brought it up in the session and was quite encouraging when I said I hoped to try it. And to say that you should be giving your baby 3 meals a day at 6 months, when all the advice says not to wean at all until 6 months, is just silly. And if intelligent, thoughtful, well-informed women are getting upset and confused by contradictory advice, there must be a lot of women who end up really doubting themselves and their parenting ability. What a shame.
    Thanks for the tip about the Ikea high chair - I think we'll go for that, as more expensive ones just seem to have more bits to clean! My little girl tried some cottage cheese in our first experiment with food today. It looked more or less the same on the way out as it had on the way in [​IMG] Fun though!
  15. I used to spread pureed vegetables and chicken, onto rice cakes, because i was worried she wasn't getting enough meat protein! Worked a treat.
  16. I ordered that BLW cookbook yesterday, it had some good reviews on amazon.

    My little man is soooooo loving melon at the moment. Although he sometimes starts chomping the rind rather than the flesh depending on what way he shoves it in.
  17. Just wanted to let you know that BLW was perfect for us. I started weaning at 6 months and she slowly increased her intake.
    She is now 19 months and eats everything! she is so tidy and not fussy at all. I know its not right for everyone but my little one loved it and so did I.

    Good luck
  18. undiwear

    undiwear New commenter

    Another good recipe book for BLW is called Finger Foods for Babies & Toddlers by Jennie Maizels.
    Really good book for those who are vegetarians too. I have never seen the BLW cookbook though I am sure it is excellent.
  19. princessmelody

    princessmelody New commenter

    Just to add there is an even newer leaflet (feb 11) which now says that babies should feed themselves from the start. I went to a session at first time mums group about weaning and was fully expecting to be told about puréeing and the lady running it said they have to give the most up to date advice. Which is basically blw! Although on the nhs website it still says that you should give them smooth food first on a spoon!! I did say to the woman running it 'as long as I don't give him too much sugar or salt - does it really matter if I mush it up or not' and she said not really. I think I'm going to give it all a go when he's ready! I think you have to trust yourselves on this...you don't see any adults being unable to chew because their mums puréed!
  20. Yay, I am pleased it is working, Leeds!
    And Princess- yes, you need to trust your instincts and do what is right for your baby. Some babies need to be weaned before 6 months so need purees. Both processes work fine and one is not better than the other. I have really enjoyed BLW- partly because I hate the thought of all of that extra effort.

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