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Blubby mummy!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by lovestrawbarries, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone, I have not posted before so feel a bit mad for introducing myself by starting a thread. But anyways, I need advice.
    I had my little one just over 11 months ago and have been struggling very recently with losing last bit of weight. I seem to have stalled completely. I am 5'5 and weigh ten stone. At full term I was up to fourteen and a half (and HUGE!) I am almost back to the nine stone I was previously, just one last (impossible) stone to lose.
    I have tried everything, I exercise for over an hour three mornings a week (cardio and weights - doing plank for core strength etc) and take little one out at least twice a day everyday. In total walking just over 4 miles. Up until the last few days I have a very healthy diet. Recently, I have just eaten everything in sight in pure frustration, stupid I know! Luckily I didn't put any weight back on, but I just wanna see results which is not going to happen by doing this. I fit my pre pregnancy scarlet jeans from oasis which are a size ten but I cannot wear nice fitted tops with them due to a bit of podgy mummy tummy spilling at top. Apart from that they are, as they were before very comfortable.
    I know that to many this will be trivial nonsense but I am going back to school soon and just want to feel as good in my clothes as I did before.
    Thanks [​IMG]
  2. Hello,
    Dont feel bad for posting a thread about this as I think nearly every new mum will be feeling the same!
    Im in a similar postition, I weigh just under 10 stone and I am 5f 6'...I USED to weigh just over 8 stone so I feel your pain. I do know that weight is not really achieveable and looking back at pics I was a bit too thin but I still want to get to 9 stoneish. I used to go to the gym every morning before school and tried to carry on into preganacny, however that dropped off by 5 months or so!
    I dont really have much advice as you seem to be doing a lot of exercise and were eating healthily...but maybe the type of exercise you are doing could be adapted? I know this as I used to plod away doing cardio and weights before preganacy and did get results but my partner has paid for 2 sessions a week with a PT for me as a present and the difference in exercise and results is amazing! I now do tabata type exercises and lots and lots of circuit type routines. Google tabata and maybe speak to a PT at the gym to write another programme for you.
    But to be honest I think you have done fab to lose the amount of weight that you have...its blimming hard to find time and motivation with a baby!
    Good luck

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