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Blogging as a way of promoting resources

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by z1k, Nov 13, 2016.

  1. vuvuzela

    vuvuzela Occasional commenter

    You're welcome, but your missed my question about copywriting. The devil is in the details.
  2. vuvuzela

    vuvuzela Occasional commenter

    A blog is a great idea. Are you hosting it? Or is it hosted by Blogger or Wordpress or other?
  3. vuvuzela

    vuvuzela Occasional commenter

    There is. Build trust first; sell second. But don't forget to sell!
  4. vuvuzela

    vuvuzela Occasional commenter

    You are welcome. I intended the feedback for everyone.

    So you are trying to build a Youtube channel are you? I will answer that by invoking the words of Master Yoda, "Do or do not. There is no try". Go for it! And don't forget to research your keywords and make your description keyword rich. The Internet is still text-based so no matter what pictures or videos you put up, the way they get found is by the text you put with them.
  5. vuvuzela

    vuvuzela Occasional commenter

    Yes. That is why you have to promote yourself to get noticed. Travel is an area with extreme competition so you have to promote yourself aggressively and it takes a LOT of time and effort. teaching resources is a virtually untapped niche at the moment. I don't think people realise quite what they've got here. You can get on page 1 of Google and all over the relevant bits of the WWW far more easily in this game. But you still have to play the game, and if you know some strategies, you can win.
  6. ashleysummer

    ashleysummer New commenter

  7. notable

    notable New commenter

    I agree with vuvuzela. Videos are a great way to establish yourself as an authority on your subject. Although I believe the current trendy term is "influencer". Although it does take persistence and regular uploading to establish a following. I link back to my FB page from my videos. This is where I get more enquiries regarding tuition via PMs. I also link to my TES shop. However, as my TES shop is nascent as yet, I can't say how much his influences my sales. Perhaps I will be better able to comment on that when I've uploaded more resources. If you care to take a peek at my YT channel, www.youtube.com/feathereye you'll see that it took me a while to produce better looking videos and improve my sound and presentation. It's great fun and makes you focus clearly on exactly what it is you want to say and what you want the result of having said it to be.

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