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Blighted Ovum or too early to tell?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Heather_T, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Had dating scan today and was supposed to be 13 according to LMP which is a load of rubbish, I thought about 7 weeks. But scan showed a small empty sack, no yolk even. And that was on an internal.
    Sonographer said not to worry it looked healthy just too early to see anything else.
    My research suggests sack is 5 weeks, so I go back 2 weeks. But I got first BFP (very very early) 4 weeks ago. Almost impossible I thought, but sonographer said it wasn't uncommon still (maybe she was being nice). Anyway going back next week for another scan.
    Just wondered if anyone else had anything similar happen? And if it's a blighted ovum, what should I ask / expect to happen?
  2. I was scanned from the very start of this pregnancy following a twin missed miscarriage in my last one. First scan I had was 5+6 based on period dates - only showed a gestational sack... second one at 6+6 showed sack plus possible yolk/fetal pole... 7+6 showed a suspected heartbeat (but couldn't be confirmed fully and it wasn't until 8+4 that we got a confirmed heartbeat and viable pregnancy.
    Those were all internal scans, granted I have a retroverted uterus so am a nightmare to scan early anyway - but might help with some form of progression for you on one that DID work out into a viable pregnancy (currently booting me in the ribcage)... and yes, the limbo's awful - with the last one there kept being changes in the sack so they kept sending me away for another 2 weeks to see what happened and living in limbo for the month plus we had to was utterly vile so I feel for you on that front. In that case - I'd gone for an early scan because of bleeding around 7 weeks - been given the usual care and advice in such bad-news matters (ie a leaflet) and rescanned twice - by which point my body had still shown no sign of getting the memo things were over - so I had the choice between the surgical or medical proceedure or waiting it out - and we'd been in limbo so long I needed to start to move on with my life - so went for surgery.

  3. Hey Heather, no advice to give really, I just wanted to send you a hug!! I have everything crossed that all turns out well. Take care. x x x
  4. Thanks Misterfibble and Leesey, you have definitely given me a bit more hope. Especially about your dates Leesey. I have been so tired the last couple of days I've even had an afternoon nap when DD is having hers, and nausea has been much worse and that's giving me some hope too.
  5. Just to let you know that it is a blighted ovum, scan today showed the empty sack that had grown a bit. So I'm going in to have the miscarriage on Wednesday.
    Feeling much happier knowing the answer to the question and we've booked a holiday today that I am really looking forward to.
  6. So sorry to hear that Heather, I went through something similar last May but didnt like to say incase it wasnt the case for you and you got to be lucky, Glad that you are feeling positive about everything now tho and a holiday to look forward to. I did exactly the same thing and fell pregnant again in the August, I am now 34 weeks pregnant so you never know your holiday may be just what you need [​IMG]
    Take care of yourself and make sure your OH is looking after you, as awful as this may sound once Wednesday is over you can move forward.
  7. So Sorry Heather, I had the same thing last August, and they got me in straight away too. it helps I think, as it lets you start to get over it and thinking forward and positive again. Your holiday will be just the tonic and like Essie said - your holiday will do you the world of good!

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