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Blending and rhyming

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by j.craigie, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. Help - I'm currently tutoring a young boy who is behind due to lack of hearing during his reception year, this has been fixed with gromets, and is also developmentally behind due to the start he had to life (he is now adopted).
    He remembers sounds taught and is able to sound out (most of the time) but really struggles with blending unless it is a 2 letter word we've done over and over again in different ways. He is also unable to recognise rhymes and is very inconsistent when saying what the inital sound is.
    Any ideas please - I currently do about 10 or 12 short activities with him each session and although he is making some progress it is very small. He is reasonable with maths skills.
    Thanks Jo C
  2. I have sent you a message. I might have some resources that I could send to help.
  3. Yes please - not sure how to receive resources through this forum, do I just give you my email address?
  4. You can email me if you want some resources that might help.

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