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Bleeding after birth

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by cherub2635, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Just wanted to know if anyone has experienced anything similar...
    Had a few stitches after labour due to an episiotomey (sp?) because of a ventouse delivery. I bled for about 3 weeks after labour. Then had a week of light discharge. When LO was 4 weeks old had my first period (I think). I was quite heavey, with some small clots, and it lasted about 10days. Then a couple of days after period finished I got a little intimate with OH and I started to bleed again the day after. This lasted a few days. When it stopped we slept ntogether for the first time since birth, and low and behold, the next day I started bleeding again for a few days. Had 2/3 days off, then bleeding started again.
    I am on cerazette, a POP mini pill which I started again when LO was about 3 weeks old. I know this pill can cause some irregular bleeds but this seems excessive.
    I'm not in any pain, and I dno't want to waste GP's time. Anyone experienced anything similar?
    Thanks in advance, Cherub
  2. The bleed at 4 weeks may have been the lochia returning, especially if you had been particularly busy the days before. How old is your LO? I think you need to stick with minipills for about 3 months to see if symptoms will calm down. Also, have been told symptoms can be better if you're v careful about taking your pill at the exact same time each day.
  3. I bled for 7 weeks after giving birth and had a bit of a new surge at 5.
    I also bled constantly on Cerazette so it could also be that.
  4. Thanx everyone, its slowing down again now, but LO who is 8 weeks, has 1st injections 2mo, so I'll talk to nurse, then book to see gp if she thinks its good idea, but I do wanna rule out anything dogy. Just hate getting bits out (sorry tmi), you kind of think after labour and my stitches being checked my body could be my own again. oh well.
    Thanx Cherub

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