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Blank Facebook Profile - good for all subjects!

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by scarter21, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Hi All,
    I am an impoverished English teacher (have just bought my first house) and need some extra cash for Christmas... as such I am embracing TES's offer to upload as many quality resources as I can. The most popular (through rating, downloads, favourited, positive comments) wins £1000 M+S vouchers.
    As such here is a link to a blank facebook profile I made. It can be used in so many different ways by lots of different subjects. Students REALLY love it.
    If you like it then please download it, rate it, pass it on... I fancy an M+S Xmas this year...
    Thank you SO much in advance.
  2. Perhaps you could share some examples of how it could be used in so many different subjects?
  3. Sure! So in my school we have used it all over the place.
    PSHE - all about me - an autobiographical style introduction to who you are/hobbies/family/friends.
    ART - Artist study. Gallery used to show works of art; newsfeed as a time line of artist's life - how it impacted on their work etc.; how it was received by public; personal response; lifestyle within social/historical context etc.
    HISTORY - Profile page for famous figure in history. Timeline of key events in newsfeed with reactions from other people. Uploaded 'sources' with comments on. Propoganda pics etc. in gallery/advert space.
    CITIZENSHIP - as above but with politicians etc.
    MUSIC - a musician study. Looking at influences (through comment boxes), uploaded links to music videos, adverts to albums that inspired them, timeline in newsfeed to show how music developed, personal response to music through comments.
    ENGLISH - a charater profile. Use adverts to show understanding of social/historical context. Newsfeed to show plot and chactert reaction/development. Also works as an author study - works well with Mary Shelly - as can explore duel identity, famous texts etc.
    DRAMA - character study (could be invention of own character or an exisitng character) explores how character interact with each other etc.
    SCIENCE - a Science teacher I work with did a profile for Bilogy, Chemistry and Physics. Intersts included gravity, atoms, forces etc. and famous scientists gave status updates for their scientific discoveries - still on display now and kids love it.
    I think it is really flexible and is what you make it! If anyone has any other ideas it would be great to share them...
    If you look at my profile I have uploaded a FB profile for Of Mice and Men (Curley's Wife) so you can see what a complete English one looks like.

  4. Really love the resource! Good luck with that M&S Christmas! [​IMG]
  5. GREAT resource. I'm impressed at the usability of it! Thanks!
  6. I think Christopher Hitchens might have raised his eyebrows at "exemplary".

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