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Discussion in 'Business studies' started by jprw01, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. jprw01

    jprw01 New commenter

    Evening all,

    Any idea what happened to Bized? I would occasionally use their website but it seems after many years they have disappeared. Could someone please enlighten me as to what happened?

    Many thanks
  2. needabreak

    needabreak Star commenter

    I have no idea what happened, it appears to be there but not updated. Tutor 2 u have fair coverage of business themes/specs as far as content goes with links to video resources and webinars although the format may take a little getting used to.
  3. reynedd1

    reynedd1 New commenter

    I was intrigued too as I used periodically, especially the diagram bank, I contacted them and got this reply:

    Dear Eddy

    The site is now closed please see details from the publisher.

    ‘Biz/ed was a site run by Cengage EMEA from the UK. Unfortunately, there are a number of technical instabilities with the site which, because of its age, mean that it is impractical to remedy these technical issues. As a result, it is with regret that the site has had to be taken offline and will no longer be available.

    Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused’.

    Best regards


    Please refer to our Terms & Conditions which can be accessed and printed via http://edu.cengage.co.uk/copyright-terms--conditions.aspx

    Amanda ColebeckCustomer Service Representative
    Cengage Learning EMEA
    Cheriton House, North Way, ANDOVER, Hampshire, SP10 5BE, UK
    Office +44(0)1264 343038 Fax +44(0)1264 342761
    Email amanda.colebeck@cengage.com www.cengage.co.uk
  4. JocelynIresonPaine

    JocelynIresonPaine New commenter

    Interesting question. I was one of the people who implemented the biz/ed models when it was an academic-run site on a .ac.uk domain. I'd worked with Graham Stark and Andy Beharrell to implement our big Nuffield-Foundation funded Virtual Economy simulation, the one that allowed users to act as Chancellor, as well as the spreadsheet models that demonstrated concepts such as price elasticity. If anyone's interested, Andy describes their history and purpose in these slides. After several years, Cengage took over the site: I don't know why. I wanted to use it earlier this year, and found it had been deleted. On complaining, I got the same reply from Cengage that reynedd1 shows. In that reply, they say there "are a number of technical instabilities with the site" which are impractical to fix. I don't believe that. I built the engine that ran the spreadsheet models, and it was never unstable. I used to test it regularly. I also wrote a lot of Virtual Economy's code, and it too was never unstable. So deleting these models is not necessary for technical reasons. It's vandalism, a waste of several man-years of work.

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