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Bizarre job offer

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Diddysan, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Diddysan

    Diddysan New commenter

    I just got offered a job by a school I had applied to 2 months ago (never heard anything back from them), but never had an interview with.
    Has this sort of thing, or any other oddball events, ever happened to any of you?
    It's been a long week and I could use a few good laughs!!!
  2. sun seeker

    sun seeker New commenter

    Once had a really bad week and posted my CV on a general international job web site in desperation. I got a job offer!!! without any prior contact at all......needless to say I turned it down.
  3. You are right to be wary. It has happened to me a couple of times and I always have turned them down. That included a job offer from a school I didn't even apply at (must have been that roguishly adorable noggin of mine that attracted them). But if you applied at the school you must have been interested in the first place. So where is it located? Can you subtly hint which one it is? Do you already know if it has a good reputation?
  4. Diddysan

    Diddysan New commenter

    It's a US curriculum school in China. As far as I can tell it has a decent rep, and I was interested in teaching there, but I already accepted a job elsewhere.
    I think they must have got my email mixed up with the bloke they want to hire. I wrote them back a nice note telling them. Hope they straighten it out, for the other guy's sake!!!!
  5. lunarita

    lunarita Senior commenter

    I once got a 'we were very impressed by your application' letter from a school I hadn't applied to.
    I had sent them a request for more info in response to a job ad....but they knew nothing more about me than my name, email address and the fact that I was responding to an ad for a physics teacher.
  6. Hey, you obviously have a pulse and are interested in teaching Physics - that makes you a hot candidate!
  7. ...and someone must have ended up in those posts.
    And, if there was nowhere else to go, we'd have to take the job, wouldn't we? Any job is better than no job, yes? There are schools out there with meglomaniac heads, that are run worse than a smelly toilet, but if push came to shove...

  8. lunarita

    lunarita Senior commenter

    To be fair, the school in my case turns out to have a pretty good reputation.
    At the time I was only a year into my first overseas posting and decided against a move. If it came up again now I'd be tempted, I think, except that it's in probably the only euro country in a worse mess than the one I'm currently in.
  9. bigfatgit

    bigfatgit Occasional commenter

    I was offered 3 jobs within the space of a month despite the fact I had never applied or even shown an interest in these schools
    Turned out that someone had put me down as a referee and either the applicant or the schools had managed to get mixed up with "applicant" and "referee" with the application forms
    Some how, I don't see 3 schools making the same mistake
  10. I received an email in my junk box today which reads:
  11. Every six months or so I get an email from someone in a country I use to work in applying for a job in my company. They all use the same email which has a spelling mistake in it and refers to the resume they have attached, which they don't always manage to do . One woman has written to me three times. The last time I complimented her on her new degree, pointed out the spelling mistake for the second time and suggested she would have more success if she applied for jobs with real companies rather than random strangers. I also contacted her referees, I have all their mobile numbers and email addresses, and told them she was sending their information to random strangers.
  12. I got offered a job at a school in France after a brief telephone conversation. It was one of those "why not" applications even though I was poorly qualified for the post (art with music-the music part being the problem) but the school didnt seem to care that I said I would not be able to teach music. Needless to say I didn't think the school were taking the post seriously and I wasn't going to move for that.
  13. The job I'm currently doing came from an email I almost missed that had gone straight to my junk mail folder. I'm in a foreign country, passing the time while my boyfriend finishes his degree, and the school wanted an English teacher with immediate availability. It was better than scrounging a living through private English classes, and it's worked out nicely! However, if I was already settled, I would never have moved for this job. The school is lovely but badly run and even worse organised. It's definitely a 'right place, right time' position.
  14. This won't make you laugh, but it was quite odd. I had this happen 4 years ago with a "school" in Kuwait whose HR director phoned me up from a C.V. posted on an international teaching jobs website. She offered me the job in that phone call, which basically consisted of the question "Are you serious about coming to Kuwait?" I was only serious because at the time I didn't *have* a teaching job and there weren't any prospects for me in the near future, so I thought it was my lucky day! Worst teaching experience I've ever had - if this school offers you a job without an interview, they are painfully desperate - and you will be replaceable just as quickly. By the way, this wouldn't be for the "American Bilingual School" in Kuwait, would it? NO ONE SHOULD EVER ACCEPT A POSITION WITH THEM.
  15. Brian, the thread might get pulled now that you have named the/a school.
    However, I concur, a place that's reputation preceeds it (or should do!) and has done for many years.
  16. This is quite a good website if you're interested in reading about international schools. Some reviews are clearly written from particular 'agendas', but it's a fairly comprehensive site with reviews of international schools.

  17. I applied for a job in Scandinavia and then got two further emails from the school - I realised that I was being interviewed online! The job was offered to me by phone two weeks later and I took it, it being in a country that doesn't strike one as a land full of criminals. I am still here nearly six years later and things have worked out well. As a musician I have also had the chance to play in a professional orchestra and sing in a semi-professional choir - opportunities that are open to very few in the UK.
    I had at least been on holiday and visited (albeit briefly) the town in question before, so at least I knew where I would be ending up!
    Another time I was travelling on a bus in Peru and I was offered a teaching job at the University of Chimbote as an English instructor by the professor of English! She wanted British English speakers, as opposed to the American English speakers she could find everywhere, she said! I did not accept the offer though - I was just travelling through.
    Sometimes one has to take a leap of faith - I knew that I could always come home and go work in an office or something else for a while if things didn't work out. After all, who would ever change jobs otherwise?
  18. I guess this would count as being "overseas" since it was in the US. I was teaching in Kuwait and attending a TESOL conference in Miami. I had slipped my CV into several boxes that advertised job openings. One evening, I was sound asleep at 10pm due to jetlag and the phone rang. I picked it up and it was Columbia University in NY offering me a summer position, sight unseen. All I could think to say was, "In New York City?" Did not take that job.

    Another time, about a year after that, a new program had just opened up in Japan on a branch campus of an American university. They had accepted 450 students but had only prepped for 150, so they needed teachers badly. Through a round-about way, they received my CV, called me for a phone interview and hired me on the spot. I was in Japan less than 4 weeks later. Best job I ever had. Stayed for more than 5 years.
  19. <font face="Calibri">Hardly bizarre&hellip;</font>

  20. lunarita

    lunarita Senior commenter

    I'm in the frame of mind where if a bizarre job offer came along now, I'd consider it destiny and take it.
    I have recently developed itchy feet - not so much geographically but professionally -and am feeling a bit strait-jacketed. The main thing that has put me off a proactive job search is inertia, inspired by the dread of spending the summer packing up and moving somewhere else......
    Come on fate - make me an offer!

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