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bishop grosseteste offers?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by nicolemason65, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. hey! ah good luck! i'm sure you'll be fine. we didn't have to do peer teaching, instead we had to do a presentation on an effective lesson we had observed. what subject are you applying for? maybe choose something slightly cross-curricular?
  2. I also have an interview for the PGCE secondary course next week- but mine is on Monday. I am at my wits end trying to figure out whether to stick with what I know or brave it with something 'creative'. The part that says 'teach them a skill' has not made the decision any easier! Need to get my thinking cap on!
  3. Yes definitely a small world! I am so pleased for you! This is Rachael, Adele's friend, I did English with her? Will come and try and find you on facebook and say hi there too :)
    Good luck everyone with your interviews!!
  4. ah hey!! so pleased for us! can't wait to start now, i'll find you on facebook :)
  5. Have you heard anything from BG after you interview on Monday? Last week when I was there they said they would contact us within 10 working days. Im getting sick of jumping each time the post arrives! The longer it goes on the more convinced I am that they are not going to offer me a place. What did they say to you about timescales of offers?
  6. ah well done!! i'm from spalding so will commute, i went there for my degree and commuted, it wasn't too bad. ah right, nottingham's not too far either! just can't wait to start now!

    nicole x

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